Experience of Finding Out Natural Energy 9

Susan Fisher strengthening Rhonda Ladene

We recently received this email from one of our participants, a Natural Energy 9, at a Natural Energy Identification Event. She shares about the powerful impact finding out her Natural Energy is having on her life:

"I had the fortunate experience of working for the same company for 33 years. The job provided me with stability, and I treasure the friendships that were created over the years. It was after I attended the 9energies class, and my energy was identified as an NE9, that I understood why I felt a need for change in my life.

As long as I keep my focus on “this isn’t about me”… I am more peaceful. Being around chaos and negativity is exhausting for me, especially being around poisonous personalities. My energy can be renewed by spending time with friends and family, at fun events, and often just by relaxing alone. There is a certain balance I must maintain in order to stay realistic.

I was told many years ago that I have a “6th sense”. I am unsure of the exact definition, but I always believed it to be true and I rarely mentioned it to anyone. After learning about the 9 Energies, I was comforted knowing that I wasn’t going crazy. My Natural Energy 9 sixth sense can be defined as a hyper-expanded awareness of one’s external environment, both physically present awareness and beyond at a more universal level (and this is not always a pleasant experience). For example, I can often sense how people feel… but that doesn’t mean I know what they are thinking. I have spent several hours with a therapist to learn how to block out (or ignore) those perceptions. Working with Susan Fisher of 9energies has given me a better understanding of why simply breathing deeply can be calming, and also an instrument to balance what is beyond and what is internal.

For many reasons, I recently decided to end my career with my long term employer and seek a more fulfilling life. I could say I wish I would have done it sooner… but the connection would not have been there for me. Attending the 9 Energies class significantly influenced my decision and gave me a direction in which to set my goals.

I am looking forward to attending more 9 Energies classes and workshops, there is always more to learn. (And…. Life is an adventure.)"

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