Personal & Relationship Transformation - Finding and Activating Your Physio-Spiritual Gifts

Transformational Retreat, Costa Rica, 2/2-8, 2020

Synergida Resort, Costa RicaSynergida Resort, Costa RicaSynergida Resort, Costa RicaSynergida Resort, Costa RicaSynergida Resort, Costa RicaSynergida Resort, Costa RicaSynergida Resort, Costa RicaSynergida Resort, Costa Rica
Take a deep-dive into understanding how your body is equipped differently from others, how to access the power and strength in your body, how to relate with and understand others more effectively using your body. Learn how to be with yourself and others through love, connection, appreciation, integrity, authenticity and respect.
By cultivating your body's ability to access information through other than your normal channels:
  • You can understand others, where they come from and gain insight into why they behave as they do.
  • Learn the difference between your natural gifts and your learned behavior - giving you greater access to your gifts and allowing you to choose your learned behavior.
  • Explore what life would be like using all of your natural wisdom and ability.
Experience powerful transformation of a welcoming community in a luxurious tropical setting, at a 6 day 6 Night Getaway at Synergida, a luxury retreat resort in Costa Rica February 2-8, 2020.
  • Unlock your potential for a body-based understanding of others.
  • Learn how to use the power of the 9 Natural Energies, centers in your body that access your Physio-Spiritual nature.
  • Turn on access to new ways of perceiving which enrich and strengthen our human experience.
  • Find your core nature, understand how to give your gifts, receive the gifts of others, and flourish in your life and purpose!

Cost:  $2000  - includes 6 days of Instruction, food, and lodging at Synergida -

Transportation:  Fly in to San Jose, Costa Rica, planning to arrive at Synergida by afternoon on Sunday 2/2/10.  The retreat will start after dinner on Sunday night with an overview and Natural Energy Identification.  Make your travel arrangements from the San Jose Airport to the retreat directly with Synergida.


Luxurious Retreat, Costa Rica, 2/2-8, 2020

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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