Path To Wholeness: The Energy Lady – Susan Bennett Fisher

Path To Wholeness: Susan Fisher - The Energy Lady

Season 1, Episode 5

"Oh, are you the Energy Lady?"

"Oh yes -  you 're the Energy Lady aren't you"! is what people in Bozeman, MT who have met me and been identified will say when they see me again.  I even had a friend, who resembles me apparently, get asked if she was the Energy Lady - her reply, "No, but I know The Energy Lady!"  The name roles off the tongue easily  - people connect it back to their experience having their Natural Energy reading with us.

At first I was resistant to being called The Energy Lady. I mean, Really? - but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it is a respectful and accurate description.  So I will claim it!


In laying claim to this name, role, description, title I get to define what it means and what I am going to do with it because that is precisely what 9 Energies is about - taking stock of yourself, claiming your personal power, examining and consciously choosing your beliefs, and taking the wise actions to create the reality in which you want to live.

In this video - my first solo video podcast, I talk about being the Energy Lady and how 9 Energies teaches us to use our bodies to claim our personal power.  As a Natural Energy 6 my body is equipped to use my chest to feel what is going on in the energy around me.  By expanding my chest to a drum like state and focusing on the vibration, from an extra-present state, I allow the resonance to inform my being. In this state of presence I am able to make sense of what is happening, understand where and how to redirect energy to create the desired outcome from the situation.  It is as if I become one with the energy there in the moment, tuned to everything present and the spaces in between.  This opens a path for movement, a possibility to rearrange what is happening, and offers the ability to create a new more on-path outcome for the present situation.

From that state of awareness if I chose to believe my awareness, I can shift energy to create a new outcome and do what comes naturally in the moment to make that happen.  The less thought - the better; Action in alignment with movement. If you have Natural Energy 6 or have learned to activate this part of your body, you will understand what it means to be in this state of hyper-awareness of the energy present in the moment.  If you have practiced with this state you will begin to know what to do with the energy to re-direct the flow if it is needed. Re-direction of energy flow can happen in many different ways - through use of words, saying what is needed, taking physical action to affect the energy flow,  or simply stopping the action, for example.

If I collapse my chest and question the information coming in to my being I lose the ability to make sense of what is happening.  I begin to over-think, rationalize, and ignore large chunks of the information right in front of me. I lose access to my body-based wisdom and power. I begin to question what I know and become fearful of being wrong.

In the state of hyper-awareness and responsiveness  that comes from my expanded chest I am in my full power.  This is the power that comes with Natural Energy 6. Each of the Natural Energies has it's own power and ability that seems magical to others, but is comfortable, obvious and easy to a person of the Natural Energy.

Music is "Need" (2013 Burning Man Edit) by AmpliPhi (OpenOptics & Dusty Nix)

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