Eli Wolf talks about Natural Energy 9

Eli Wolf Natural Energy 9
Eli Wolf was typed as Natural Energy 9 on February 12, 2014. Ever since, he has worked on activating and posture daily. It has made a considerable difference in his demeanor and presence and the impact he is having on the world around him. He is also more relaxed and things are more fluid.

Click here to listen to the full interview here, or click on each question to hear Eli's answers one at a time.

1 How Did You Find Out

2 How Has It Helped

3 Do You Consciously Use Your AE

4 How Do You Activate

5 Using AE Before Knowing

6 Talking About Your AE

7 Important For Others To Know

Check out his music on SoundCloud here! Eli wrote the words and composed the music. Lyrics are sung by Nico Huzella (probably NE4)

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