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David Bowie - Natural Energy 7 in costume

We would like to honor David Bowie, Natural Energy 7.  If you look at images of David Bowie, almost every photo of him shows his facial expression of activation.  He so powerfully used his Natural Energy 7 in the way he lived his life, and created his music.  The quotes we see on the internet all reflect his commitment to helping us all see greater possibility for ourselves, others, our community, and the world.  He exhorted us through what he created to work toward the potential within us.  Natural Energy 7 teaches us how to create space for change, release what is not serving us and move forward toward a greater vision.  They will use whatever means possible to get our attention.  Sometimes David Bowie used shock, sometimes tenderness and vulnerability, sometimes pithy wisdom.  Natural Energy 7's feel into what is the best way to reach the part of you that wants to grow, change and transform.

Here is what NE7 friend of our sent to us on hearing of his passing:


As I’ve been listening and reading to the responses to the news of David Bowie’s death it has spoken to me of ‘being 7’

Some comments so reflect the gift(s) I believe 7s can bring to the world:

  • Picks people for what they can do not what he would tell them to do.
  • Open - if you had an idea 'let's try it'.
  • Unbounded Enthusiasm. His inspiration was tangible.
  • He ‘killed things off’ when we/ others would have kept them going – and was right.
  • He gave us the music/ art we wanted although we didn’t know it until we heard it.
  • He influenced so many others, many who won’t even realise it (a 7 planting the seeds, leaving them to grow wherever there’s fertile ground).
  • He showed us:
    • What gives life it's meaning is the impermanence of things.
    • Death isn't the end it's the beginning of things.
  • Inspiration from others – honoured their gifts/ differences.
  • He celebrated difference.
  • Eclectic – collected from everywhere and ‘made something beyond…’
  • Showed us you don't have to accept the world as it is.
  • He ‘made things happen, he manifested. In my experience 7s are often seen as not being ‘completer finisher’s – I think this gets mixed up with their capacity to let things go (die) when often it is ‘who they be that enables things to be manifest’ – then they move on.
  • He was in charge but in no way controlled.
  • He gave us permission… to be ourselves.
  • Shinning a light on (ideas..) way, way before we knew they were things to be addressed (gender, aspects of racism).


What he said of himself

  • I am close to/ know Fear/
  • I have an apocalyptic view
  • I can’t say life’s pain has been diminished it’s been both my doorway of perception and the life that I live in
  • I’ve always taken the ‘next piece’ – one style/ genre was never enough, it was always….
  • I’m absolutely driven and I’m absolutely sane
  • It's not the age/ embrace that itself it's the lack of years left. It's the death part that's a drag. It's having to let go of life there’s so much more to do. Doubles me up in grief having to leave my daughter. My inspirations have been so much older. From an interview in 1999 or thereabouts

This makes a lot of sense to me as a 7 – we see the possibility of apocalypse/ the cycle of fear as much as we see the possibilities of the stars. He used this capacity to take his art to the far edges. A 7 in action… and would not compromise it to make the life of others comfortable."

Enjoy these photos that show his facial expression of activation, from his childhood through adulthood.  You can see the infinite quality in the eye and the focus from the third eye area:

David Bowie - Natural Energy 7 David Bowie - Natural Energy 7 David Bowie - Natural Energy 7 David Bowie - Natural Energy 7 David Bowie - Natural Energy 7


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