Cultivate your Natural Energy




Once you know your Natural Energy, the conscious connection continues to grow. With practice, it accelerates. Learning how to make specific postural adjustments to provide immediate physical access helps us deal with the world as it presents challenges. This workshop will provide an overview and experience with each of the 9 Natural Energies. It is designed to teach you to become aware of the other Natural Energy Centers and to deepen your connection to your own Natural Energy.

The benefits of experiencing all 9 Natural Energies;

  • You begin to see and understand the context of your human experience as it relates to others - how we are similar and how we are different and how our bodies are differently equipped.
  • This enables you to give the gift associated with your own Natural Energy and receive the gifts of others.
  • It promotes understanding, compassion, acceptance, and appreciation of yourself and the other Natural Energies.
  • It improves relationships, deepens connection, removes barriers to community and helps harmonize and balance life experience
  • Learning about the other 9 Natural Energies opens you to new information and understanding that you could not receive without this experience.


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