Conversation with Morten Nygård and Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher, Co-founder of 9 Energies in Bozeman MT, and Morten Nygård Founder of Ennead, in Oslo Norway, have a video series where each conversation they talk about their experiences learning, teaching and researching the work of the 9 Natural Energies. Each conversation has it's own topic. Occasionally there are guest contributors. Here are the conversations published thus far:

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  • The full video series: Conversations with Susan and Morten
  • Playlists with music videos of Public Figures.  Obviously, we have not yet worked hand-to-hand with all of the Public Figures.  With sufficient evidence from face shape, eye quality, body structure, movement, and voice quality we are able to make a determination about their Natural Energy.  To be 100% certain we must work hand-to-hand.
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