Club Hockey Team Gets Identified – Rearranges and Wins

Whitefish MT Club Hockey Team 2016
We had the incredible pleasure of identifying the Natural Energy of most of the Members of a Whitefish, MT Girls Hockey team.  It was a fun evening that built their team connection and helped them understand how to use their power center and the gifts associated with their Natural Energy.  Here is what team captain Greta, NE1 had to say about the experience!

"In hopes of creating a better understanding of each other, a couple weeks ago my hockey team met with Susan and Martin and our energies were identified and described in a way that will help us gain a higher knowledge of how we can interact on the ice.

It was really interesting to see a deeper part of everyone, and in some ways I would say it gave us an upper hand against other teams. Often, sports teams only see each other at practice or in games, so sometimes you only know them by how they act in those situations. That’s why team bonding can be such a vital part of being on a team, and I think this was an even more beneficial way to bond.

After being identified we got together and talked through a lot of the information we had just been told about ourselves, and wrote up a new set of lines that corresponded to our energies. The two 1’s were put together on a line because we have a very good sense of where to find each other on the ice, and when we get down on ourselves our energy 6 on the line will keep us pumped up and motivated.

On the other offensive line we put our 2’s together because with their keen sense of positioning we felt they would be unstoppable, and then with them we put a girl who couldn’t make it to the energy identification because we felt the 2’s would adapt to work well with anyone on their line to make it all come together.

For our Defensive lines we had three girls who fit very well to the position, a Natural Energy 4(NE4), and two Natural Energy 5's. These girls are very talented in the defensive zone. The NE4 can slow down time and bring a sense of calm to the ice as she includes her teammates in her next play, and the two NE5's know how to predict what’s coming and act on it they are very aware of everything and can map out the game around them. And lastly identifying our goalie, an 8 helped us understand the connection she has with the earth and the talent she possesses with her movement, letting her body do what it needs to do to make a save.

Two of our coaches were identified, energies 1 and 3, and we know to look at them for helpful positive advice and a big smile to keep us in good spirits. We beat the next team we played and it was really awesome to see how this all effected us! A big thank you to Susan and Martin for taking the time to be with us!"  Greta NE1

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