Christina Denny – Board Member, Natural Energy 2

Christina Denny Natural Energy 2
Christina was identified as a Natural Energy 2 in 2003 by Alan Sheets of New Equations. Knowing her Natural Energy allowed her her mother, Susan Fisher, to support her more effectively. Knowing that Christina experienced the world through a different lense than her mother and sisters, showed Susan that Christina required different forms of parenting. Growing up while her mother was actively studying the 9 Energies, Christina had exposure to the identification process and to people who were able to consciously use their gift.

In school she was able to practice her gift of connection by bringing her awareness to her upper rectus abdominus muscles and actively seek engagement with others. Knowing that this was not everyone's natural way of being sparked her exploration of the 9. Feeling the power and magic of the 9 Natural Energies inspired her to learn to explore the activation of all 9 energies in her body and allowed her to get a glimpse into other people's natural way of being. She has learned to activate all 9 Natural Energies at will, and has since begun training to assist in activating other's Natural Energies. She hopes to  further continue the exploration of the 9 Energies and share this knowledge with the world.

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