How do I Choose Conscious Connection to create a New Experience?

Abraham and Wayne DyerIn this video Esther Hicks, channelling Abraham, chatting with Wayne Dyer (Natural Energy 8), Abraham talks about choosing to develop a practice of functioning on a "higher-disk", a higher frequency.   Our emotional responses are real, but they come from deep seated beliefs or past experiences. For example, we get offended if someone calls us fat. Underlying the feeling of being offended may be a belief that fat is bad, and that we are somehow less of a person for "allowing" ourselves to get fat. Just like with most habits (that are not specifically chemical) the way out is a choice, a choice to make a different decision. The ability to make this choice comes when we can free ourselves from the past and make a different choice, have a different response.

What 9 Energies provides is a simple physical postural adjustment that lets you connect to the part of you that DOES NOT BELIEVE the stories that cause the negative emotions that trap us into unhappiness. It is the  part of us that resides on the "higher-disk" that Abraham talks about - and despite the emotional charge of the words, it is the soul - our higher consciousness.  When your soul is leading you forward, when your most powerful self is in alignment with "source" you can begin to manifest your greatest purpose.  By adjusting your body and activating your Natural Energy you naturally access this "higher-disk".

Using the power of your body, through practice, as Abraham says - choose each morning to practice movement to the higher disk - where you have a perspective on life that doesn't allow your circumstances to whip you about by the tail. When you get up in the morning, take time to put your body in your Natural Energy's postural alignment, to find your highest-self, and periodically throughout the day, notice and adjust your posture to consciously activate your Natural Energy. This simple practice will be begin to free you from daily despair and enable you to pursue your dream and purpose.

Learn the other 8 postures to gain access to the perceptive ability of the other Energies.  Using 9 Energies and the postures of activation helps you do exactly what Abrahman describes in this video:

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