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Dr. Martin Luther King JR – Natural Energy 9

This quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr reflects the Natural Energy 9 understanding of our human experience. You can see the facial expression of Natural Energy 9, the eyes present, not in or out, the softness at the outside edge of the jaw where it turns, neutral expression.  You get a sense of peace and a feeling of the […] Read More
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Penni Blythe’s Thoughts on Natural Energy 7

Penni Blythe, Natural Energy 7, has been studying and exploring the Natural Energies for over 15 years. Recently we visited Penni in England and worked with her in the postures of the 9 Natural Energies. It became clear that Penni has found a way to activate the 9 Energies in her body. From her original study, and in being in […] Read More
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Robyn Bridges, Natural Energy 8, Reading from her book at Country Bookshelf

Living in Alignment With Your Natural Energy Robyn Bridges, Natural Energy 8, Bozeman, MT This is the first post in a new series on people living in alignment with their Natural Energy. Robyn Bridges, Natural Energy 8, will be reading from her book PADDLE INTO TURTLE MEDICINE: The Art of Swimming Sideways, Saturday, February 18th at 4pm. Robyn uses her […] Read More
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