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Carrie Fisher did not lead a normal life. Both her parents were high-profile celebrities - Her mother is Debbie Reynolds, Natural Energy 2, and her father is, Eddie Fisher, Natural Energy 7. There was nothing about growing up in her household that was like the rest of us. It is not a wonder that she was confused about life.

Had she known that she was wearing the body of Natural Energy 6, things might have been a little easier for her. And still, she had an impact on the world. She speaks the truth in her books about the challenges she faced in life and leads you through her challenges with humor and realness. You can understand a bit more about Natural Energy 6 if you read her books. The directness, the unabashed truth, and the timing of delivery that creates humor are all Natural Energy 6 in function - pointing in the direction of growth and creation.

In these pictures you can see the power of the facial expression of Activation for Natural Energy 6.
Carrie Fisher, Natural Energy 6

The beauty of Natural Energy 6 is defined in the quality of the eyes and the energy of the being. The eyes are vibrant and alive. We often talk about how 6 lives in a range of emotions from "deer in headlights" to "jaguar ready to pounce". But when Natural Energy six lives in the place of love, when they conquer the otherwise ever-present sense of fear and anxiety that can drive their life, replacing it with the joy of being alive. There is a vibration, a resonance, a power and majesty in their presence. In this place, love is an endless source of energy for Natural Energy 6.

Carrie Fisher Natural Energy 6
Carrie Fisher Natural Energy 6Carrie Fisher Natural Energy 6

Later in life Cqrrie had some plastic surgery, ironically to get rid of the jowls, the relaxed and rounded cheeks, that define the face of Natural Energy 6. This makes it difficult to find pictures that show her strength as she aged. The image below, however, still captures the power and facial expression of Natural Energy 6. When she was younger she did not often expand her chest and trust her power to its fullest. As she wisened, she embodied her six-ness in her chest more fully, but she lost trust in her Natural Beauty.

Carrie Fisher Natural Energy 6

In Carrie Fisher's best moments, she showed us what this is like. In her final Star Wars role as General Leia Organa she embodies her six-ness and shows what the power of love, emanating from the expanded chest of Natural Energy 6 feels like. In the movie, The Last Jedi, when General Organa is left unconscious, the sense of direction and leadership disappears, the crew is left feeling adrift. The Admiral who steps in, a Natural Energy 4, leads from within, not revealing her internal struggle, power and conviction to the crew. The juxtaposition of these two leaders and their Natural Energies confuses everyone, the audience as well. It is a brilliant use of casting to create this contrast.

I share Natural Energy 6 with Carrie Fisher, much about her struggle, although larger than life in many ways, I share in my personal journey.  If you share Natural Energy 6, you will likely find truth in her life experiences and perspective that relates to your experience.  For those of you who do not share Natural Energy 6, you can learn a lot about the challenges and struggles, and the power and direction offered by Natural Energy 6 from the life and creations of Carrie Fisher.


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