Burning Man 2016 – Stats are in

We are back from Burning Man, cleaning the dust, counting the numbers, integrating the magic of the experience.
Martin Teaching at Burning Man 2016
Initial counts are in!  We identified over 500 new Burners, Worked with another 30+ returning Burners. The counts of people identified are:

By Natural Energy

  • Natural Energy 1: 62
  • Natural Energy 2: 80
  • Natural Energy 3: 76
  • Natural Energy 4: 54
  • Natural Energy 5: 30
  • Natural Energy 6: 42
  • Natural Energy 7: 70
  • Natural Energy 8: 26
  • Natural Energy 9: 49
By Day

  • Sunday: 30
  • Monday: 43
  • Tuesday: 64
  • Wednesday: 70
  • Thursday: 81
  • Friday: 80
  • Saturday: 91
  • Sunday: 43
  • Tuesday (at Wendy's by the freeway!): 3

On the last day we spent an hour or so with a group talking, we were missing a Natural Energy 1, so we asked the universe to bring us an NE1 and two walked in the tent within 5 minutes.  So we had the opportunity to create a closing ceremony on Sunday night with all 9 Natural Energies present. It felt magical and transformative.

On Monday at 4:30 we made a presentation on the Main Stage at Center Camp for 45 minutes that included 4 live demonstrations. Martin presented on the 9 Energies and Susan presented on the upcoming book content. There were over 150 people present and we got enthusiastic feedback and many came to find out their Natural Energy at the camp later in the week!

Those are just a few of the highlights and statistics - so what did it all mean? More to come on that!

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