Building of the 9Energies New Website

Conceiving, designing, creating, building the new 9 Energies website was a team effort that included input from all 9 Energies. It is a great example of consciously bringing together the Natural Energy's gifts to create something special, with ease and flow.

We moved to Bozeman, MT in September of 2015. And we began our journey with the first requirement needed for a good web-site - photos. We had the lucky opportunity to meet the very talented photographer, Lucy Stange. Lucy invited us to identify her at our first meeting. Upon identifying her Natural Energy 3, we discovered she was a great photographer, Red Shoe Photography. Lucy came to our events, did personal photo shoots, and created a library of wonderful photos that capture our work beautifully. Lucy has since moved to Minneapolis and we wish her and her beautiful family well there in their new endeavors.

Lucy Stange NE3Lucy Stange, NE3

In February, 2016 we hired Waylon Roberts, a junior at MSU to do some video and audio editing. Waylon attended one of our Natural Energy Identification events, where we identified his NE2. At first he was quite skeptical, but he wanted the job, so kept his feelings to himself. Over time Waylon has come to understand the transformational power of knowing his Natural Energy. He took on the role of re-designing the website, and recruited Branson Faustini, NE1, to design the new logo and amazing graphic symbols. Waylon invited all of his roommates to Natural Energy Identification events and his gang of 6 guys who live together have since experienced a deeper understanding and camaraderie grow between them. Waylon created the usable, friendly, and efficient website design using his understanding of people that comes from his Natural Energy 2.
Waylon Roberts NE2Waylon Roberts, NE2

Branson took time to embody and immerse himself in each of the Natural Energies to enable himself to use his Natural Energy 1 talents to create beautiful symbols that represent each of the energies.  His connection to the source contained in everything allowed him to express the beauty of each of the Natural Energies in a way that each of us can feel. This website is a beautiful example of how to give structure to energy so that others can experience the magic.
Branson Faustini NE1Branson Faustini, NE1

To actually bring these concepts, designs and symbols into creation we hired a third roommate, Jake Petek, NE9, to build out the website. Waylon's design was simple in it's user interface, but complicated to actually build. Jake took on the challenge to build the back-end functionality in such a way that it flowed easily and operated as expected. Susan Fisher, NE6, Co-Founder, re-crafted all the messages, sharing the latest language and information to assist with the understanding of each Natural Energy, and Martin Fisher NE5 provided the overall technical support to keep the project running smoothly.
Jake PetekJake Petek, NE9

9 Energies would like to acknowledge and express deep gratitude to Lucy Stange, NE3, Waylon Roberts NE2, Branson Faustini, NE1 and Jake Petek, NE 9 for their outstanding contribution to creating this website, and for their continued support of 9 Energies. There were many other people involved in developing this site. Additional thanks go to Sahir Khan, NE1, for inspiring the logo and front page design, to Briana Metting, NE9, for proofing and testing, to Monica NE7 and Nina Denny NE2 for design consulting, and to Stasia Owen NE5 and Andy Lear, NE3 for their support on our Board of Directors. There is much more to do to continue to provide information, events and experiences - we truly look forward to continuing to co-create with the knowledge of the 9 Energies.

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