Awareness of Impact Makes a Better Life Experience, by Susan Bennett Fisher

Path To Wholeness: Awareness of Impact, and Knowing Which Lens Others are Using to See us Helps us have the Impact we Want, by Susan Bennett Fisher

Season 1, Episode 8

The message "Pay attention to your impact" is all over the place, in spades.  Right now, with the possibility for rapid spread of Covid-19 we have the ability to severely impact the health and vitality of those around us.  At some level we know we have an impact, and we often choose to ignore it.  But now is certainly an excellent time to consider questions on our impact and build awareness of impact.

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What impact:

  • am I having on myself and those I love? Do I see and understand my impact?
  • is the extensive media coverage having on me?  How am I contributing to or balancing out the universal energy flow?
  • do I want to have in these times?  We can be focused, or we can be expansive.  Choosing where we want to have an impact, understanding the impact we do have, being conscious in our stewardship of our feelings, actions is vitally important to how we come through this experience, as individuals, communities and the world at large.

In this Path To Wholeness Blog Susan Bennett Fisher explores some of these questions around impact and the importance of being aware, conscious and at choice about how we are impacting others, how our choices impact our lives and relationships.

Living through life without recognizing your impact on others results in un-intended consequences.  Increasing the awareness of your impact let's you make better informed choice.   One of the best ways to understand your impact is to know more about the lens others use to see you.  There are nine ways of being, the 9 Natural Energies, each has a different lens.  If you understand the lens, you can have a better and more accurate view of your impact.

For example, if you are talking with one of the Natural Energies that uses eye contact as part of how they connect  (1,2,3 or 4) and you don't make eye contact with them, they may not understand what you say, trust who you are, or enjoy the interaction with you.  This was certainly not your intended impact - you intended to connect and have them hear and consider what you have to say.  When they are not able to do this because you didn't give them eye contact, it results in confusion and disappointment on both sides.

Learning about how the different body types interact helps to make your impact more conscious and effective.

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