9 Energies works closely with Associates who are trained, and certified in the teaching and identification process.  Each is skilled to identify on their own with great accuracy rates. Associates independently operate and are in consistent communication with 9 Energies, sharing new understandings.  Each Associate creates communities to connect people together through identification and teaching of the Natural Energies.  They offer programs and events to identify and to teach how to activate the 9 Natural Energies. We often collaborate to create programs that bring our communities together, and leverage the learning happening our respective groups.  This work moves forward more powerfully when more people are involved.  Gaining an understanding of what is personality and life experience vs. what is a function of Natural Energy requires that groups of people of the same Natural Energy get together. We are able to explore these relationships more powerfully in community, and because our Associates are geographically diverse, we get cultural perspectives included as well.

Morten Nygard, Natural Energy 3, 9 Energies Associates

Morten Nygård,
Founder, Ennead, Oslo Norway, Natural Energy 3

Morten and his partner Birgit Opland live and work in Oslo Norway. They offer Identification, workshops and Advanced Activation Training. They collaborate regularly with 9 Energies.

Paolo Scoglio, Natural Energy 7, 9 Energies Associates

Paolo Scoglio,
Boston, Massachusetts, Natural Energy 7

Paolo works closely with 9 Energies, he collaborates co-teaching workshops and events. He is building the 9 Energies community in the Boston Massachusetts area.



Our Collaborators are people trained in specific modalities like Psychotherapy, Breathwork, Naturopathy, Cranial Sacral, Massage Therapy and other healing modalities.  They are not certified to teach 9 Energies independently, rather they bring their skills collaboratively to our Events, working alongside a Certified Associate.

Stacey Tompkins, Natural Energy 5, 9 Energies Collaborator

Stacey Tompkins,
Bozeman, Montana, Natural Energy 5

Stacey collaborates with 9 Energies in Bozeman, and around Montana. Together they offer 9 Energies and Breathwork workshops. Stacey also offers events at he 9 Energies Center that do not include 9 Energies content.

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