Artist Spotlight: Jack Sabido, NE 7

Jack Sabido is the newest member of the 9 Energies staff. He discovered his Natural Energy during the Fall of 2014. Like many other Natural Energy 7s, he is a multitalented artist and performer. Jack has experience as an actor, writer, singer/songwriter, and visual artist.

In 2014, Jack released two albums with his friend Noah Watson - Viking Land and Strawberry Milkshake Overdose. Jack plans to produce his first solo album this year. As he was being interviewed for this post, Jack recorded a few of his latest songs with 9 Energies.

"O! White Boy" by Jack Sabido


Listen to the quality of his voice - there's strength in his vulnerability. From this place of vulnerability, Jack expresses what his subjects practice or believes that isn't serving them with disregard for social etiquette. He does this to make the possibility for change. Natural Energy 7s keep the world from becoming stagnant. They help us detach from what hold us back from evolution.


"Oh My God; Oh Please Stop" by Jack Sabido


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