Artist Spotlight: Celina Ventanilla, NE 8

Celina Ventanilla is a Natural Energy 8 singer/songwriter. She found out her Natural Energy in 2013, during her Junior year of high school. Throughout high school she developed her innate musical talent by performing with multiple award-winning concert and jazz choirs at Marin School of the Arts, several rock bands, and the a cappella ensemble ‘Til Dawn. Celina currently studies Voice at Berklee College of Music in Boston - focusing this semester on Pop and R&B.


Celina performing with ‘Til Dawn - "Ain't Nobody" by Chaka Khan


For Natural Energy 8, the movement center is the sacrum or lower back. Notice her movements originating from the lower body - especially the hips. She performs with a tremendous amount of power. You can feel her strength, even without any connection through eye contact. As she belts, notice how she uses her body to pull energy up from the Earth and send it out so that the entire audience experiences it. She periodically drops downward from the low back, then back up.  The downward motion makes her more powerful in her body.  It is also interesting to notice the cadence of Natural Energy 8 singing - you may notice a bum-ba-ba-bumm type cadence, and resonant deep power in the voice. that is a signature of Natural Energy 8. This is how Celina shows, shares and uses her Natural Energy 8 Superpower as she performs.


Celina, accompanied by Vanessa Silva - "I'll Be Seeing You" by Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain


Celina and the Dudes of Rockage - "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse

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