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Martin Fisher Natural Energy 5 working with NE5

Feed back from Annika N. Natural Energy 5 (NE5)  on her experience with 9 Energies:

"Thank you so much for this. I loved so much of your writing, and want to tell you that since our skype session, where we talked about Natural Energy 5 practices, I've been doing a couple things that have been so helpful to me -

1) You suggested that I exercise regularly and focus on my Natural Energy 5 movement center on the top of my head and focusing on coming into my body and feeling my body when I exercise. When I run I've been repeating to myself "This is about you and your time to feel yourself in your body and enjoy your body."  It feels good and I thank you for this insight.

2) You suggested that when I'm frustrated or blocked during the day, assuming my natural energy position and connecting my top of head to source would make a difference. I imagine the energy coming down and through me and it immediately shifts the energy.  I NEEDED THIS.  I needed, so badly, an immediate physical response to these moments, beyond the usual "breath deeply" and one size fits all stuff.  Activating my Natural Energy immediately shifts me.  I am so grateful.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights with the world. I love these tools you have taught me, and I look forward to our ongoing connection and all it might bring!

With love and gratitude,

Annika "

"Thank you Annika for connecting with us and sharing the impact of practicing your Natural Energy 5 posture and awareness.  We love to hear about the impact of 9 Energies!  Thank you for sharing, it helps all of us, Natural Energy 5 or other to know that with simple postural shifts and awareness to our Natural Energy we can change how we respond and shift to a more positive reality!"

Susan Fisher

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