Ali Evans talks about Natural Energy 8

Ali Evans Natural Energy 8

Ali Evans was typed as a Natural Energy 8 in May 2014. In the four months since her typing, she has learned many new things about herself and Natural Energy 8. It has made her stronger in her work and in her social life.

Click here to listen to the full interview, or click on the question below to hear her responses one at a time.

1 How Did You Find Out

2 How Has Knowing Your NE Helped You

3 Consciously Using Your NE

4 How Did Use Your NE Before You Knew

5 Important To Know About NE8

6 What Was School Like

7 What Makes You Feel Good

8 What Makes You Happy

9 What Does In The Zone Feel Like

10 How To Support NE8

11 NE8 And Boundaries

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