Alan Avila, AE 9 Dealing with Life, Loss and our Collective Consciousness

Metatron Alan Avila

Recently I have begun to understand the AE9 experience a bit more - bringing our human experience full-circle, completing the experience, and releasing the energy of the experience back out to be used for transformation and change. Alan Avila's wisdom does exactly this with the tragic energetic experience of Isla Vista. Keep modeling and teaching us Alan.

Elliot Rodgers - a fragment of our Collective Consciousness...

while perhaps an unpopular perspective on the recent events which occurred near my home ( UC Santa Barbara ) - i am writing this communication to and for friends whom i have spoke with, whom have been impacted by this unfortunate act of rage against society. i do not claim to have known Elliot Rodgers, nor the families directly affected by the violence he recently unleashed. i do, however, live in this community and have a few words of Wisdom i wish to share. my condolences and eternal bright blessings are sent out in every direction - and to every soul - affected in any way... especially to those who may ever slip into the great darkness of our Collective Consciousness. we all do - as we are all connected.

sadly enough, i understand what possess a mind plagued with the challenges Elliot spoke of in his blogs and videos. our entire reality has heavy social programming... from learning from our first masters/teachers/guides (our parents), to the mainstream media feeds that only depict the sorrow and anger that exist in our world, to popular music and movies that defame and deface our divine essence and propagates violence and separation. if we applied "you are what you eat" to the senseless material we feed our eyes, ears, and souls... we would Consciously change our diet.

what can we learn or be open to receiving from this tragedy? the first thing that comes to my heart, is this: we can take responsibility. blaming others about anything is a loosing battle. why? because there are no solutions through blame - only a cyclical pattern of victimization. not to mention, re-acting from the same energies generated through such a dark action will only continue to carry that harmful energy within and create blockages within our own BEings. i claim authority over my existence and refuse to Allow others this control - with my entire BEing i call in Compassion, Understanding, Divine Truth, and Unconditional Love. this is where i create my reality from - the heart.

how can i blanket this in Love? because i know that Love is the answer. Love conquers all. Love is the energy that flows through all Life and Allows us the opportunity to be here, Now. i know that this incident is not separate from my own reality - it happened and all left in it's wake exists... and it exists elsewhere, in places that we least expect. gun control! therapists! all mis-direction...

Community. not only are we all One Consciousness - we exist physically on this planet together, and the way that interaction is tracked is through CommUnity. it is our duty and responsibility to support and Love each other, through each of our ups-and-downs, all of our faults, and out of the negative/fear based programming that is prevalent throughout our society (world.)

step 1 - deep listening. what is going on here - how could something like this happen? disconnect from the programming in as many ways as possible. stop tuning in to anything that involves things you do not wish to include in your reality. reconnect with the earth and each other - these things are actually 'real' while all of the other stuff are merely projections into our Collective Consciousness. only i (and you, if you choose) can shift this into a positive direction. it's a choice - some say it's simple... some stay locked into these false realities of disempowerment, misinformation, and dis-ease. the only way to effectively 'LISTEN' is when your mind and heart are quiet enough to observe everything. i only have control of my own BEing - and the greatest example i can be, is a consistent one that shines a positive Light. (an important component of this listening process is not coming from a place of knowing it all - even if i believe i may have solutions - because every person, situation, and Community have their unique factors. deep listening means authentically hearing some one, or a group of people, and incorporating their message into the solution.)

step 2 - Forgiveness. this also begins within. anything i choose to externalize or put off on some one else, is actually rooted within my own BEing. if i choose to place blame outside of myself - i will continue that cycle until i make the only changes i can - within myself. the best way to address these shadow aspects is through self-reflection (meditation helps) and through council with our peers (this means your Community - people who hold the same Values and Visions and are dedicated to Healing processes.) there is also a huge difference between (spiritual) reflection and (mental) analyzing of the past- the second is a trap that merely keeps us spinning in circles... this is The Voice of Knowledge that misleads us under false pretense and through what we believe are 'good intentions." it is super important to have a foundation in the heart and Unconditional Love to move forward as individuals, Communities, and as a United planet. we get to this point through Forgiveness inside of ourselves... this then ripples outward into infinity.

step 3 - Gratitude. Gratitude for simply BEing - for having the Universal Lifeforce and Breath, Allowing us to Be Here Now. Gratitude for this learning experience - we get to change things before they get worse or happen again... happy to have another day of Life within this Dream. Gratitude for each other. Gratitude for the Sun that continues to shine each day we wake. Thankfulness for all the good that exists within our lives. we have the choice and duty to hold this space and feeling of Gratitude in our hearts at all times. Blessing your food before you eat - is an act of BEing Grateful and has many energetic implications. taking the opportunity to begin each action, experience, situation, relationship, and communication from this 'feeling' of Gratitude has infinite and tangible benefits.

i am here, a representative of the CommUnity i speak of. i am here as an ambassador of Divine Truth, Unconditional Love, and Compassion. i am here Holding Space for the Healing of our Collective Conscious - as a wayshower and living example of Collective Christ Consciousness. i am here to spread Peace within my BEing and across this planet. if you need someone to speak to, if you need support with anything - i am here.

i feel we have a great opportunity for Healing and discussing solutions, and i request that we do so together... as our Community. i care. i am open to whatever this looks like. and i place a seal of Healing and Divine Light over Elliot, over those he impacted, and over the entire system that creates the imbalance and separates the shadow side from us - so that we never confront it, forgive it, and move forward with solutions from the Heart.

i invoke and Dream Awake - Love Love, One Love, One Lovelution. yesai.

And More From Alan:
"rich', 'spoiled', and 'psychopathic' are not normally traits that babies or children have... they are learned and programmed... through many sources.

i envision a world where all children and people are LOVED so fully that this type of personality, and this type of circumstance NEVER exist within our reality. it doesnt happen by going nazi on society and eliminating everyone that fits a profile - it begins (and will end) with LOVING all these wounded and dis-eased traits that do exist within our Collective Consciousness (it's "Collective" because it is all of ours.)

this should not take away from the horrible tragedy that many are going through... my hope is that those feeling the grief, anger, and resentment do not internalize it (creating blockages and recreating the same energy) nor externalize it, and take the same energy out on other people (regardless of how much you think 'they' deserve it.... that's what he did.)"

"i call in the Highest level of Healing, Understanding, and Compassion for all BEings - especially those still here on this earthly plane who are separated from the Truth and Love of All That Is. it is our mission to anchor this Divine Unconditional Love here on earth. not everyone is here for that mission - but i am here.
"i also want to be clear - it is important for everyone to say what they are feeling and express themselves. i Hold Space and Allow for all the differentiating points-of-view to exist, and be valid as a step toward growth and communicating. THIS is how we heal our Collective Consciousness as a Conscious Community.
Damon Clarke - i respect and honor you, and am Grateful for your bravery in expressing the feelings that many people are also processing.
we have a LOT to overcome as a world culture - and if we can channel the anger and frustration we have into positive solutions for our future, we will be greatly benefited and begin to REALIZE the world we want to live in.
and Honestly - we can only be angry and upset with ourselves... we continue to endorse, support, buy-into, and perpetuate the things we do NOT wish to have in our reality by supporting music, movies, and a culture that glorify and desensitize our society (ourselves) toward violence, defacing the feminine, eating fake foods, putting horrible medicines (i.e. real drugs) into our temples - which all separate us and deaden our Higher Consciousness. we, personally, have a choice in each and every Now as to how we choose to Live and what we wish to bring into our reality.
obvsiously - this is a collaborative experience we are all co-creating. since we are all at different levels of Awareness of these things, it is important for each of us that becomes Conscious to continually work toward anchoring Divinity, Unconditional Love, and Compassion into our every thought, Action, and DOings. because we ARE a Collective Consciousness- we will continue to experience outbreaks and backlash from negative energies as we continue to transmute them together through our hearts. this is a double trial and test for us because 1) it can be difficult to remain positive in the first place, and 2) continue to BE positive and Loving even when the night is darkest.


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