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Home Nguyen AE 5A magical, mystical, wise friend of ours gave this lovely TedEx talk on Mindfulness.  Home's has a highly Active Energy 5.  He also has an active practice of Mindfulness.  Mindfulness practice assists us with calming our mind so that we can make sense of where we are in the present moment. The practice helps us to activate our own access to Natural Energy 5, or to any energy center that you wish to access through taking you attention there.  Our Natural Energy centers when active provide information that is very much in the present moment and achieving a quiet mind assists with being aware of the information that flows to us through our Natural Energy Centers.

Here is a new article written about Home.

In the following video you can experience the world of Active Energy 5, and bear witness to his journey to find spiritual awakening, loose it, and find it again.  This talk is a beautiful illustration of the on on-going daily voyage to spiritual awakening. As he says in his narrative, each of us has our own path, our own version, of Home's story.  By using the top of our heads to calm our minds we are better able to know what we know, where we are, and the personal reality of our place in the world in the moment.  Through the process of mindfulness, quieting the mind, we are ready to begin our own personal journey, to unfold our spiritual nature.  And again as Home demonstrates. to find peace, love, joy and happiness.

As you watch this video, bring attention to the top or crown of your head. Feel your body extend upward, as if suspended from the top of the head, you might notice an activation of the muscles in the crown area of the head. Notice the impact it has on your mind and your body.  Watch Home's face and his movement.  Soak in the peacefulness he emanates.

Enjoy this magical journey with Home Nguyen, AE5.

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