Jason Silva Natural Energy 1 – Awe, Beauty, & Source

Jason Silva Natural Energy 1 - the movement center is at the top of the throat.

Jason Silva AE1

These images show Jason Silva's expression of activation. Jason has naturally tapped into his Superpower in these image and following videos. There muscles on the underside of the chin and throat when made taught, while stretching the back of the neck upward, and opening the throat, helps to activate the Natural Energy 1 system and allows us to feel our connection to source, to see the beauty around us, and hold the world with great respect and awe.

When NE1 is active, as in these photos, the eyes soften and become receptive, at ease, available, and gentle. NE1's describe the experience of being active as if they are almost floating in the timeless beauty of source energy.  The incredible beauty brings a feeling of awe for all that is.

Jason Silva AE 1

People of Natural Energy 1 help us to feel our connection to the energy of source. The impact of this can change how you see the world. NE 1 teaches how to keep your own connection to the majesty and awe of the beauty that is source all around us.It is aptly described in these two videos by NE 1 Jason Silva: We can tap this majesty and feel the incredible beauty of the awe inspiring magic around us everyday by breaking out of our routines and simply looking for the existence of beauty that surrounds us, that is contained in literally everything.

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