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Family has been a major theme of this trip. At all stops along the way we have had the opportunity to identify multi-generational family groups. We stopped in St. Neot’s for a visit with an old friend of mine, William. We were both members of the inaugural class of Wharton Business Schools’ internationalized business program through the Lauder Institute, and hadn’t seen each other since we graduated in 1986.

Martin and I arrived at his English Country Manor doing our best not to be intimidated by its beauty and subtle grandeur. William and his wife Cecilia greeted us with such warmth and welcome we quickly felt at ease. The connection from 31 years prior was still intact!

We sat in their living room and two of their three sons joined us for conversation. The youngest, Jacques, was returning that evening to Eton after Easter break, and the oldest George was headed back to London later as well. Almost immediately George and Jacques began peppering us with questions about 9 Energies. What was it, what did it mean, how did we know, and of course – could we identify their Natural Energies. We ended up moving into their entry hall where there was enough space to work with them.

I began with George – noticing a similarity with his father, both have even tone in a rounded face, there is a similarity in the eyes of Natural Energy 2, when they are in their neutral place, and Natural Energy 9 eyes when they are in their activated place. It was something that I had to learn to see the difference between when learning to identify. I started first to check for Natural Energy 2 and realized through the dance that he could not keep up with the movement changes, and I noticed that he turned his back to lead his movement to try to stay with me, something we commonly see with Natural Energy 9. George is a very tall, strong young man with quite a wing span in the full 9 position. I could see the looks of disbelief and wonder on the faces of his family as George began to expand in his 9ness. When we described Natural Energy 9 we were met with nods of acknowledgement from all of them about the accuracy and truth of this for George.

Jacques, also a 6’+, a 16 year old in a grown man’s body, stood in front of me, and though we had almost nothing in common I felt a warmth and connection radiate from Jack that lead me to try the Natural Energy 4 posture with him. He dropped in deep, body forming the Natural Energy 4 posture naturally, and we created a beautiful connection as Jack included me in his Natural Energy 4 bubble. I felt the richness and subtle joy of deep connection and acceptance descend over my body. So amazing, my body always fills with deep gratitude and warmth when a Natural Energy 4 takes me into this wonderful infinite space. As we came out of the deep Jack met me with that lovely four expression of connection and gratitude, tinged with a bit of surprise that is often there when 4 is met for the first time. It is a sacred moment and creates a permanent connection.The family, seeing Jacques in his power, feeling the depth and beauty of his Natural Energy 4ness, was again hit by the truth and accuracy of the description. They knew from their own experiences with Jacques, in their own bodies, the warmth and wonderful acceptance of Natural Energy 4 in full power.

Next was Cecilia – Cecilia I knew only from family photos sent years before when the boys were young. But based on the photos, the manner of her greeting, the focus in her eyes and the magic of her smile, Natural Energy 3 was the place to start. She easily held the posture of Natural Energy three, arms out straight from the shoulders, menubrium lifted, left-eye to left-eye focus and a smile that shines the joy of the soul. She loved being acknowledged as a spreader of joy and inspiration. As the evening progressed it became clear that she had chosen a profession that was taking great advantage of her incredible ability to ignite the power of the soul in others and to inspire them to take responsibility from a place of joy and alignment with their deepest being. Cecilia shines so bright that just imagining her face in smile lights my soul up and I find myself smiling as I write this.

And then on to William – my long-time Lauder colleague. William had held on to our connection for 31 years. His face was welcoming and available. There was no judgment or emotion as he sat and watched me reveal his family's Natural Energies. William was just taking in what we were doing, holding the connection with everyone. He stood before me and I saw the clear bright eyes of Natural Energy 2 hold my gaze steadily inviting me into connection. I began as I do with gentle pushes just enjoying seeing my old friend in this new light. I began to move around in the two dance with William, and he matched my movement with ease and totality, both of us in complete enjoyment of the movement and engagement. This is how it is when you move with Natural Energy 2 – they stay with you completely, two become one, you become the relationship. Moving with them in this way neither of us get winded or tired. It is just a lovely, ease-filled, a full engagement of souls. So, we are reconnected, in a new way, thanks to William.

What a beautiful family!

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