9 Energies Advanced Training

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9 Energies Advanced Training


Are you interested in learning more about yourself and others?  In our advanced training we teach how to activate the nine Natural Energies in your body.  If you choose to learn how to teach about the Natural Energies, you will learn how to push on another person in their posture to strengthen their experience of their Natural Energy and ultimately to learn how to support and strengthen another person's access to their Natural Energy.

Are you are practitioner of a healing modality and want to learn more about how to support your clients and their Natural Energy? Attend our Advanced Training classes to begin to move your skills and understanding to the next level.  We have many healing practitioners who incorporate this understanding in their therapeutic practices.

To start the program on your own recommend that you first purchase the starter pack for your Natural Energy. Watch the videos, read the book, practice your posture, start to observe the world around you looking at people through this new lens. Next step is to take the online Activation of the Nine Natural Energies.  This is a video series that walks you through the physiology and activation posture for each Natural Energy. Once you are familiar with the language and physiologies, postures and activations, it is time to get some hands-on training. There is no substitute for feeling the activation in the body.  Take a 3 day intensive workshop, at Esalen, in Bozeman, or create one with us near you!

If you are interested in becoming a 9 Energies Associate or Teacher.  Please apply.  We will be in contact with you to help you get started on your personalized training program:

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