9 Energies Advanced Training

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9 Energies Advanced Training


Are you interested in learning more about yourself and others?  In our advanced training we teach how to activate the nine Natural Energies in your body.  If you choose to learn how to identify, you will learn how to push on another person in their posture to strengthen their experience of their Natural Energy and ultimately to learn how to support and strengthen another person's access to their Natural Energy?

Are you are practitioner of a healing modality and want to learn more about how to support your clients and their Natural Energy? Attend our Advanced Training classes to begin to move your skills and understanding to the next level.  We have many healing practitioners who incorporate this understanding in their therapeutic practices.

Want to learn more about your Natural Energy - you may attend the Advanced Training events for your Natural Energy for FREE!

Advanced Training Requirements and Fees:

Our next program starts August 12 2018, six Sunday evenings at 6:30-8:30 at the 9 Energies Research Center.  The next series runs from August through September.  We will be working with energy triads at some of the upcoming events.  Keep an eye on the calendar to register for free for events relevant to your Natural Energy.

Program Fees:

$150/program, 8 week commitment. There is homework and there will be additional events for Teachers in Training.

Sliding scale for students and low-income, please inquire!

Teacher Training is for Advanced Students who wish to learn how to teach and Identify Natural Energies.

 Application For Teacher Training:


Please register for the Advanced Training Classes you plan to attend.

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