Advanced Activation Training

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Advanced Activation Training

Starts in September 2019


In Advanced Activation Training you will learn how to activate all nine of the Natural Energies in your body. Activating the Natural Energies provides you experiential understanding of how your body is equipped to function, your Nature. You will experience the value of the gift you offer and the value of the eight other Natural Energies.  Activation of the Natural Energies opens you to all the gifts and wisdom that come with the human body. This experiential learning is vital to understanding the context for the wisdom associated with our physical experience of life.

This course is for those who wish to:

  • Expand their consciousness and build their understanding and experience of the body-based wisdom of the Natural Energies
  • Understand and support others in their Natural Energy, and in learning to understand and activate this body-based wisdom
  • Learn to use the Natural Energies to get physically, emotionally and relationally present.
  • Connect more effectively with others
  • Integrate the understanding of 9 Energies into a practice or professional healing modality
  • Teach and share this knowledge with others

Those participating in the 9 Energies 9 Month Advanced Activation Training Course will learn how to:

  • Activate all 9 Natural Energies in the body at will
  • Support and strengthen another person's access to their Natural Energy both physically, experientially, and intellectually
  • Teach others about 9 Energies and each of the Natural Energies
  • Integrate the understanding of the 9 Energies into personal or professional practices or healing modalities

This 9-month course is designed to meet the needs of both local and remote students. It combines on-line training, videos, Zoom online-calls, weekly practices and 4 in-person 3-day seminars. Each month the student will become fully immersed in the physiology, skills, talents and gifts of a different Natural Energy. There are physical exercises to provide body awareness of the muscles and bones involved in an activation. Each week a different practice/assignment and/or on-line training video are part of the learning process.

  • The course will focus on one Natural Energy each month, in three sections each 3 months long, per the following schedule:
    • Natural Energies 1,2,3 from September through November 2019
    • Natural Energies 4,5,6 from December 2019 through February 2020
    • Natural Energies 7,8,9 from March through May, 2020
  • Each section will be punctuated by 3-day Intensive Seminar Seminar in Bozeman, MT to learn physical practices :
    • September 20-22,
    • December 6-8, 2019,
    • February 28-March 1, 2020
    • May 15-17, 2020
  • In between the Intensive Seminars, for each Natural Energy, students can expect 12 hours of additional on-line study per Natural Energy, per month that will include.
    • 3 regularly scheduled 60-90 minute on-line video calls on Zoom per month.  Calls will be recorded for later viewing. Participants local to Bozeman may attend the regularly scheduled Exploration Event in lieu or in addition to the Zoom call.
    • Weekly exercises, practices and assignments which include practicing Natural Energy postures, and activation awareness.
    • Discussing and reviewing the characteristics, physiology and gifts of the Natural Energies
    • Reviewing homework and learning to talk to others about each Natural Energy
  • Activation Certification will include both an oral and physical evaluation of your ability to talk about and activate the Natural Energies.  Once Certified you will :
    • Receive a 9 Energies Activation Certificate, and be added to our list of Certified Teachers on our website
    • Have access to the 9 Energies website to create and market your own 9 Energies or Collaborative events
    • Be entitled to license course materials and co-create events with 9 Energies

Program Fees: $990 per 3 months, $2970 for the program – 10% Discount available for prepay for full payment at sign-up or early-signup by September 1, 2019, 15% for both early sign-up and full payment.

Travel, meals and accommodations are not included in course fees.

This course is a pre-requisite for Advanced Identification Training.  To learn to identify a person's Natural Energy, students are required to have Activation Certification.  The program can be started at any three month interval. Dates Beyond May 2020 are not yet defined.

Prerequisite: We recommend that participants  know their Natural Energy in Advance, but this is not required.  Participants should have read the book 9 Energies Practices For Presence.
Please apply.  We will be in contact with you to help you get started on your Activation Training Program:

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