Adele – Keeping it Real, Natural Energy 8

Adele on Skavlan, a fun Norwegian talk show.

Adele has natural Energy 8.  In this interview she talks about the challenge of keeping things real while juggling a career, fame and family.  He eightness is apparent in her movement - you can see her rocking backward and forward from the sacrum with a straight back.  Her face has the strong set jaw line and the resolute eyes of Natural Energy 8.  She talks about trust, needing people who will be honest with her, and how she stays connected with her roots.  Take in her energy and her power - it's a great example of Natural Energy 8.
She gives us a real experience of how she stays grounded and connected to herself despite the challenges of fame and the associated responsibilities. She is simultaneously powerful and gentle, real and strong. This is a great example of how solid and real people of Natural Energy 8 are in the world. Like many Natural Energy 8s she is comfortable with who she is, no apologies, and no messing around with her.

Here are some examples of the Natural Energy 8 facial expressions - compare Adele to the others who also have Natural Energy 8. Notice the consistency of the jaw line, the hold of the lips, the resolute quality of the eyes, and the power in the expression that often gets misunderstood:

Adele, Natural Energy 8
Jaclyn Schlindwein, Natural Energy 8
Kyla Stafford, Natural Energy 8
Kelly Clarkson NE8

Learn More About Natural Energy 8:

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