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  • Susan Fisher I am hoping to start a dialogue about the energies. For those of you who are Active Energy 1's. I am curious how the experience of school was for you. Did you do well, what were your struggles, what worked well, what was hard. Do you have any wisdom, now that you know about your 1ness and are more aware of your vulnerability, that you would share with the rest of us? Larisa Otto Rachel Adair Dawson Mary Beth Cameron Mike Zavadeli Michael D. Young
  • Mike Zavadeli I had A.D.D. throughout school so anything not interesting to me my mind wandered else where, was a little bit of a problem child because when i got bored I'd need to find new things to catch my attention. I've always had it through out life where people just felt comfortable confiding in me and found comfort in my words or just my presence. One of the most recent quotes or pieces of advice I've seen is "A good listener does not listen with the intent to reply" I feel like because of our AE we also need to train ourselves to listen to the whole before answering because what we might be trying interrupt them to say they may be waiting to say themselves. It's a hard thing to learn to control but such a beautiful Gift once you realize it
  • Mike Zavadeli And I thank you guys for sharing your gift and helping the world wake up and realize what we truly are inside, too many people have forgotten the Infinite Spiritual being we are inside "you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience" Learn all we can while we are here in this life because everything has a purpose big or small
  • Larisa Otto My experience of school was that I loved the work, loved learning, but hated the social interaction. I was very shy, very dreamy, and far more interested in books and learning about the stars and weather and distant places and historical figures than playing at recess. In fact, my teacher had a talk with my parents when I was second grader that I was reading too much and not interacting with the other children enough. I preferred to be on my own and daydream while the other kids chased each other around and played on the jungle gym. Unfortunately, this attitude and eschewing of the others earned me the negative attentions of the other children, who referred to me as nerdy and a snob. It was very difficult to be a child in school. I made excellent grades, and eventually did manage to make a few very close friends who I enjoyed being with, but I continued to struggle until I graduated from high school. Having learned my Active Energy 1, I can see how much, as a young girl, I searched for connection with something greater. I loved to escape in nature. I loved to look at the stars and try to understand why they existed. I loved to learn about people and places and things because it felt important to know these things…as though what they were affected who I was. So, that was and is my experience. I am proud now, particularly knowing my energy, of the little girl that I was, and realize that I was just being true to my inherent being
  • Susan Fisher Thanks Mike Zavadeli - you are an incredible example of the embodiment of vulnerability. You show us how that vulnerability and the honoring of each person actually makes us a stronger and better person, with stronger and deeper relationships. Please keep reminding us all to tap into our spiritual nature as a starting point, not an after thought!
  • Larisa Otto Thank you, Susan and Martin, for taking the time to get to know me and to learn how I interact with the world. Shedding light on my AE has been a crucial part of my healing journey. I will always be grateful to the both of you for this, and for your friendship.
  • Mike Zavadeli I was also very shy throughout school and some of the years after, it took me a while to finally break out of my shell and move past my confort zone but once i did there was no turning back and I've loved every minute of it!
  • Larisa Otto Mike, I was voted quietest in my senior class, and, as Susan and Martin know, I am anything but (Chatty Kathy, anyone?) Sometimes I think my shyness had to do with the fact that I was afraid of being attacked, and it took some time to overcome that fear.
  • Susan Fisher You beautiful AE1's help us to find our starting point - the connection to source, some energy bigger than ourselves. It is an honor and a crucially needed experience in the world. Keep spreading your connection to the unknowable.
  • Susan Fisher We hear from so many AE 1's that they were not well treated as children. My theory is the vulnerabilty and incredible beauty of a AE 1's connection to source leads the disconnected to resist and prey on this vulnerable energy. Until the vulnerability becomes strength, our world tends to take advantage. This is something I want to see stopped.
  • Susan Fisher Any of you other 1's want to weigh-in here?Toril BergMary Beth CameronMary Earle ChaseGerilyn Denny,
  • Larisa Otto Susan, I once wrote a story that I would love to share with you...I wrote this as a teenager. I felt like this hostile world (because of the people in it) was not one in which I belonged. I felt alien, at times.
  • Susan Fisher Larisa Otto if you are up to it, please post it in it's own post on this group, if not, please email it to me and tell me where I may use it. THANK YOU!
  • Mike Zavadeli one of the things i remember you saying about ones is our words can be a soft carress or sharp like a knife, I've noticed alot of people taking the things i say as aggressive or the wrong way I believe partially because of my deep voice but they are taking the Truths I'm telling them the wrong way and I keep trying to tell them to turn the judgement inward because if they are having feelings of regret or that somethings just not right theres a reason, alot of people think I am trying to pave a path for them or force them to be on a specific path when all I do is simply light the ways and its up to them to choose their path and no matter what, there's a million and one possible paths but they all lead to the same destination, returning to source and like i said if your not feeling right about something, it's not on me or because of me it's because of your own actions and its about time to start accepting responsibility. I hold the one saying very strongly to heart to not let myself be hurt or brought down by what seems like the ignorance of others " you can lead a horse to water but you cant force it to drink" Recently i saw a horse post "you can lead a human to knowledge but you cant force them to think" I've grown to the point where I try my hardest to not let the behavior of others disturb my inner peace. very tough battle but i know every day makes me grow stronger!
  • Mike Zavadeli now all of these friends taking things the wrong way, I've had one friend where I'd go on my rant and said sorry if i sound crazy or anything and she said "No not crazy, just real" thats all I try and do with my gift is keep it as real as possible, i wont sugar coat things sometimes tough love is needed because its all that gets through to some but not everyone, another hard lesson i've learned "you can't save the world" and part of my journey has been letting the people go but sometimes we need that solo journey to appreciate who and what we have and if its meant to be, things will come full circle and they will return home just gotta keep the faith
  • Susan Fisher I think the only thing to be aware of is the use of judgement, as defined by placing yourself above or below another human being. All we can do is point to the truth we see from our best selves and let the wisdom fall where it lands. Thank you for your energy here in this conversation. All 9 Energies are needed in this total human conversation. Thank you for sharing the voice of AE1.
  • Mike Zavadeli thats the main problem, ALOT of people think I'm judging them or this and that and I do not judge a soul, the only person we are allowed to judge is ourselves so i tell them if your feeling like I'm judging you or somethings wrong, turn that judgement inwards because its not coming from me
  • Mike Zavadeli and i think more people will comment through the day, its still early for some
  • Larisa Otto Ah yes, the judgment. I openly admit that I tend to be very judgmental, holding myself and others to a rigorously moral code. I used to be much worse, so much worse, but I still struggle. It is hard to understand what is behind people's motives, why they do the things they do that seem hurtful, or stupid, or dangerous, or just plain wrong (in my eyes, I know).
  • Susan Fisher That is the beauty of 9 Energies - it helps you learn to see the world through the eyes of others - to know they offer a different perspective, one equally valuable, and totally different with a different underlying purpose and spiritual source. and to ask them to be the gift that they are.
  • Mike Zavadeli It's not up to us to judge, it is a hard thing to do because its part of the social programming we've been encoded with that we need to Shift+delete from our system. We're meant to learn whatever we are meant to and move along everything happens for a reason and everything, big or small has its purpose on our journey
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