Accessing and Offering Your Natural Body-based gifts – Make a Difference

Path To Wholeness, by Susan Bennett Fisher, Season 1, Episode 10

Susan Bennett Fisher reminds us of the 9 Gifts of the Natural Energies - the Natural Energies work together to each bring something special to our human process. Learn what the special gifts are, get a reminder of how important that you bring your gift forward is, now as much as ever.  By learning to use your body in the way it was designed you can make a difference in how you show up and impact others.

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 Make a Difference Through Accessing and Offering Your Natural Body-based gifts

Our bodies are equipped with 9 centers that inform us about the world. One of these centers is born active and shapes our reality. Understanding how your body is equipped leads to resilience, allowing you to recover more quickly in tough times. It improves your relationships showing you new ways to engage and connect. And reveals your access to your true nature.  Where your Enneatype, or any of the other personality typing systems can define how you respond to the world, or predict your behaviors, knowing the gift of your Natural Energy and how to use your body to activate it teaches you how to recover when you are triggered.  It gives you access to that place where we drop into our center, our deeper knowing and access the wisest part of ourselves. This leads to more fulfilling choices that are aligned with who we are meant to be.  Activating your Natural Energy provides a quick self-healing practice that opens you back up to spiritual and personal growth. You are a gift, what you offer makes a difference.  Offering your gift with consciousness and skill means that it is more easily understood and received by others.

Learn more about the gifts offered by each of the 9 Natural Energies.

Gifts of each of the Natural Energies that Makes a Difference:

Natural Energy 1 - help us to honor and respect one another
Natural Energy 2 - teach us to engage and be together in ease, harmony and fun
Natural Energy 3 - Share the intense joy of being together at the purest possible level
Natural Energy 4 - Give acceptance and help us create alignment with ourselves
Natural Energy 5 - create understanding, raise incongruities, call B.S. when needed
Natural Energy 6 - help us know what is most alive and what to do next
Natural Energy 7 - clear away what is not serving us and open to new ways of doing and being
Natural Energy 8 - make the right thing happen in a way that is good for us all
Natural Energy 9 - create change without using force

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