A Coronavirus Gift For You!

Everything is 50% Off for the rest of March 2020!

We know that many of you are hunkering down and going into general people-avoidance mode.  We have cancelled all of our March Identification and in-person training events, for obvious reasons, and are planning all future events day-by-day at this time.  We will keep you updated as we know more.

To help you keep from getting bored, and to remember how to use your body to find and re-find your center over the escalating fear, uncertainty and doubt that we are facing in the world right now we are offering a 50% discount on all 9 Energies products.

Use This Code For Your Discount: fiftyoff2020

We have our Natural Energy Specific Starter Packs - designed to remind you how to use your Natural Energy and your Posture of Activation to reconnect to yourself, and better understand you skills, gifts and the contribution that you make without working at it.

Natural Energy 9 Product Bundle
Natural Energy 8 Product Bundle
Natural Energy 7 Product Bundle
Natural Energy 6 Product Bundle
Natural Energy 5 Product Bundle
Natural Energy 4 Product Bundle
Natural Energy 3 Product Bundle
Natural Energy 2 Product Bundle
Understanding Natural Energy 1 Product Bundle

Or try our 9 Energies Meditation video - teaches you how to move the Natural Energies through the body - this is actually really calming for when you get overwhelmed and lose connection to your center!

If you want to learn about the physicality, and activation of the other Natural Energies, you can get the Activation of the Nine Natural Energies Series and learn about how different they each are and how each one can help you through stressful times in a different way.

We have our Advanced Activation zoom Video Training, where we gather and talk about how to activate, understand and practice the 9 Natural Energies, so you can gain an awareness of how to use your own and other Natural Energies at will.  Now, being you and contributing your gifts is more important than ever.  We are finishing Natural Energy 6 in March and starting our module for Natural Energies 7-8-9 in April, May and June - these are free if we are working with your Natural Energy. Keep an eye on the Calendar for posting of more on-line video training opportunities.

Also - we will be continuing to develop episodes of our Path To Wholeness Blog  - view the episodes on our 9 Energies YouTube channel! Check out our Playlist - Path To wholeness and the Natural Energy Specific Playlists to learn more about how the Natural Energies function in the world, about our differences, gifts and special qualities that define the Natural Energies.




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