9 Energies at Lucidity Festival 2018

Lucidity Festival 2018 Rising Dawn

9 Energies will be at Lucidity Festival again this April in Family Garden identifying Natural Energies of all who join us.  Sober only please!  And come as early in the festival as you can, it will give you time to integrate your experience and come back to ask questions.  We will be having Q&A and teaching time every day from 4-6pm.  Identifications from 10am-4pm.

Lucidity Camp 2017
Here is what our friend Ryan said when he heard we are coming back:

"I am excited for our family reunion at Lucidity! I am stoked to witness y'all magically empower people by helping us know that we all have an energy that completes the puzzle of life, renewing that inner/over/under-standing that each one of us is already that missing "peace" waiting to be discovered to reveal the big picture that accepts us just as we are! I look forward to giving y'all hugs! Aloha and much love!!!"

Ryan - Natural Energy 6

Other News Spots About the impact of Lucidity Festivals' past

Lucidity Festival 2017 Day 1

Jacob on finding Natural Energy 1 at Lucidity


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