How does 9 Energies relate to Personality Typing Systems?

9 Energies vs Personality Typing System9 Energies is Body Based

There is a critical difference between the 9 Energies process and traditional personality typing and classification models. Your Natural Energy is identified through a physical process that is determined by the natural responses in the way your body moves. 9 Energies is primarily a body-based system that secondarily identifies innate strengths, gifts and attributes common to the group of a particular Natural Energy.

Nature vs. Nurture

Natural Energy versus Personality is more of a Nature versus Nurture comparison. Each influences a person’s way of being in the world. For example, all of the people who are Natural Energy 7 can have very different personalities and will have a variety of results when tested using personality testing instruments. However, there are attributes, behaviors and needs that are consistently demonstrated as being specific primarily to Natural Energy 7, as there are with each of the other 9 Natural Energies. These attributes, behaviors and needs constitute the Nature of a Natural Energy. Over time Nurture has an impact on the expression of these attributes, behaviors and needs.

Your Natural Energy is related to a region of the body where a collection of bones, tendons and muscles naturally engage as one of 9 natural energy zones in the body.   We each have one naturally dominant energy zone, though with awareness and practice, you can learn to activate the others.  It offers access to specific information, along with a kind of filter through which information is interpreted.  Further, you can learn to actively engage your Natural Energy, which we refer to as activation. 

Activation of your Natural Energy gives you access to this filter in a more powerful way that brings forth and distinguishes your self expression, sourced from physiological characteristics.  

Determining your personality profile involves a very different process than determining your Natural Energy. The personality profiling process involves documenting or observing your behaviors,  collecting your answers to questions, or by self-identifying into a category using some other method. The results are heavily influenced by your life experience (nurture) and potentially any bias within the test.

The distinction between body-based grouping (nature) and response-based grouping (nature + nurture) is important for many reasons. Psychological typing systems measure us on how we respond using our self-reported perceptions, behaviors, and emotions. Psychological typing systems measure something that is a result of both nature and nurture working together over time and can also change over time, with results sometimes varying over the course of a lifetime. In contrast, we come into the world with our Natural Energy as an innate part of us. In contrast to psychological typing, your Natural Energy is identified through outside observation of your body's natural response to movement. We see it as a “hardwiring”, unchanging through the lifespan.  A Natural Energy determines some specific innate strengths and attributes about us, which are then further shaped and influenced by family, culture, ongoing social interactions, media, education, religion, politics and other systems.
Susan Identifying at the Bogert Farmers Market

The Power of the Physical Identification Process

The Natural Energy Identification process evaluates and assesses a person’s bodily response to physical pressure, and personal connection, physical markers, the ability to hold a particular physical posture and to create a particular observable activation within the body.   It is possible to identify a baby’s Natural Energy starting at birth. Each Natural Energy grouping is comprised of people with similar physical responses. The markers are observable. The Natural Energy system is physiological not psychological. As we learn and grow, our behaviors adapt and change. Our bodily responses to the Natural Energy identification process do not change overtime, only further stabilizing with learning and growth.

At 9 Energies we have distilled the core descriptions, the understanding of the skills, needs, values and use of language from the thousands of people interviewed who have been classified using the physical process of Natural Energy Identification. We continue to test those descriptions for validity and accuracy on each of those newly identified. We continually iterate our understanding as we identify and work with people. Our intention is to cultivate their curiosity for understanding better their Natural Energy and how that manifests in their life and relationships.

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