9 Energies Membership

9 Energies is working on adding membership for people interested in learning more about their Natural Energy, How to access their Natural Energy at will, how to activate the other Natural Energies, and how to identify Natural Energies and teach 9 Energies.

If you would like to become a member, and have already had your Natural Energy Identified, scroll down the page to the LOGIN button, click the button and use your name as the user name in this format: First_Last

Ask that your password be reset and you will receive an email at the address that you gave us when you had your Identification Experience.

If you have not had your Natural Energy or are not in our database, please create a new login and build your profile. All registrations will be reviewed and your access will be set to our basic membership level. Memberships are free right now until we get our programs developed. More information will be coming shortly. By registering now you are grandfathered into our basic membership and you will be informed of programs and events near you as we develop the offerings.

Thanks for your interest and support of 9 Energies.

9 Energies