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Crossing Generations

In the UK we had the wonderful experience of identifying friends that we had known for many years. Each night we visited with a different friend from 30+ years in our past. It was eye opening for us and for our friends, a wonderful experience to share this big reveal with people you have cared about for many years. It shifts and deepens the relationship to a more powerful and intimate level immediately, opening new channels for understanding and communication. It dissolves an invisible wall that separated you before, that is gone after, and the new-found connection remains solid and available.

The first night we visited with Bob (3) and Gillian (8), old friends of Martin, and they invited us to identify their Natural Energies. After the identification the questions began and the aha moments start to happen. People begin to realize how their Natural Energy has shaped and affected their life experiences, what they love and are good at, why the big moments in their lives went down as they did. They begin to understand how their families either did or did not honor their specialness, the magic of their contribution.

Gillian was sufficiently intrigued to invite her daughter-in-law Michelle, to join us for our workshop we were holding in London later in the week, with the hope that her son James would join in too. Fortuitously we were staying around the corner from her son and his family.

In the process of inviting Gillian, with her Natural Energy 8 abilities, noticed that the postal code I had for our London events would lead people out into the boonies rather than to the event. I, being from the US, did not understand that specificity of the Postal Code in the UK and that people use the postal code to find a place rather than the address. Thank goodness for her attention to detail, and her natural desire to make sure all i’s are dotted, I checked the postal code and sure enough there was a typo in the address. This never would have gotten fixed if Gillian didn’t bring her body wisdom in helping me to create our London event. Her drive to help me have full integrity in the event creation process led to uncovering and correcting this error. Thanks Gillian!

Michelle, Natural Energy 3

It also lead to identifying her family. Michelle joined us on Friday night for one of our events. She was quite happy to be identified as Natural Energy 3. The full joy in full expression in Natural Energy 3 is generally more fully supported in the US. Many Natural Energy 3's who grew up in Britain did not feel as much permission to engage their full smile. Michelle was very happy to be invited and encouraged to re-ignite her natural smile. So much so that she convinced her husband James to see us for Breakfast on the Sunday.

We met James, Michelle's 11 year old son Dominic, and their 1 year old baby Hannah. We worked first with James. From photos and parent's descriptions our preliminary thoughts were either 2 or 5. While he is a techy and was quite skeptical - persona stereotypes of Natural Energy 5, he engaged clearly and steadily with his eyes. He did the Natural Energy 2 movement with ease and connection, easily handled the full intensity of connection, could shimmy his rib cage sideways, and completely resonated with the description of Natural Energy 2.

The baby, Hannah, had classic Natural Energy 8 markers, she made it very clear where her boundaries are, she enjoyed directing the play, cleaning up messes. Her facial expression included a strong jaw and resolute eyes. She took her time, and was very methodical about how she went about things. Apparently I was acceptable because she offered me her doll to play with, and according to her parents this never happens. When holding her and watching her move she was using her sacrum to initiate and direct her movement. So for now, we are looking at Natural Energy 8 for Hannah and hope to meet her again in the years to come to see how this develops for her.

Dominic, their 11 year old, was excited to have his own experience and through a combination of him pushing me and me pushing him we found his Natural Energy 7ness. His parents were very happy to get the advice on how to honor his 7-ness in their parenting.

Dominic 7, Michelle 3, James 2, Hannah 8

Parenting Natural Energy 7

To parents of Natural Energy 7 we encourage them to allow their kids to change interests and shift activities at will. Young Natural Energy 7s explore and create their understanding by trying many different things. Once they have understood and achieved their desired level of mastery, they will move on. The world often misinterprets this as not finishing things, creating a sense of disappointment in what they perceive as the inability to follow-through. We see this as the Natural Energy 7 creating an understanding of their physical reality, when the activity is adequately understood they are ready to build another set of experiences. It is one of the ways they define their un-bounded reality and understand their physical nature.

Natural Energy 7s also have a very developed understanding of impermanence, very young in life. One Natural Energy 7 on our trip told us how when her grandmother died, when she was 8 years old she made a leap of understanding that we all die. She went to her mom and said incredulously "Mom! I just understood that I am going to watch you die someday, just like grandma did." There was no sadness or sorrow expressed with this revelation. She was not afraid of death, instead she was marvelling at life. Her mother did not understand where she was coming from and unfortunately made her feel bad for not feeling sorrow at this impending possibility. We truly misunderstand each other and where we come from, and when we interpret others through our lens, and make judgements as a result, we often shut down and make our loved ones wrong for the magical gifts they are trying to offer us.

The most powerful parenting tool is marvelling - Marvel at the incredibleness of your children. They will show you new aspects of the world around you. Encourage their metaphysical gifts, don't dis-believe in your childrens' power and magic.

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