9 Energies in London – Cultural Differences

Learning the Markers

I began to look for Natural Energy in people after I was identified in 2002. I made it a constant study, I poured over the list of public figures identified by our teachers, studying the people of each of the Natural Energies. I was constantly looking at people, studying their faces, their way of moving, trying to see it out in the world around me. It took years for me to understand and see what constitutes the facial expression of activation for each of the energies. It is both subtle, yet incredibly obvious. It is in the eyes, the hold of the muscles, particularly around the mouth and cheeks, the shape of the face is also involved. But sometimes there are factors which obscure the classic expression, I have mentioned some of them before, age, weight, plastic surgery, facial hair being the most obvious.

For example in England Natural Energy 8 women have a slightly softer more inviting expression and energy than women of Natural Energy 8 in the US. As a result I do not see the power in the jaw-line and resolute quality of the eyes as easily as in the US. Learning to see these subtle differences in presentation was important to the identification process in the UK.

Natural Energy 3 is not as supported in Europe in general - full joyous smiling is more rare.  Most Natural Energy 3s had a story from their youth where they were asked not to smile so much.  We heard this from most of the Natural Energy 3s we worked with, from Norway, Germany, Russia and the UK.

What these cultural influences mean is that when moving from one culture or race to another relying on stereotypes from  other cultures and races doesn't work.  I am constantly reminded by these experiences to start fresh with each person who stands in front of me, marvel at their beauty, love them unconditionally and wait for their soul to reveal itself.  As long as I don't judge, just perceive in the moment and stay curious, things usually work out.

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