9 Energies: Let Your Body Change Your Life.

Through a physical experience find out which of the 9 Natural Energies is your Superpower.

Why is this important?

  • Relationships get better.
  • You understand yourself and others better.
  • Things get easier, you open to the gift that you are.
  • You see and experience more of  the world around you.

Want to Identify Your Natural Energy?

Determining your Natural Energy is a physical experience where you meet hand-to-hand with a trained facilitator and your body responds in one of the nine postures of activation.

We offer this in-person experience FREE of charge at events, festivals and workshops.   We are based in Bozeman MT and offer weekly events when we are in town.  Look for our Events.  


Once you Know Your Natural Energy, What's Next?

Natural Energy 1 Relationship to Source
Natural Energy 2 Relationship to Others
Natural Energy 3 Relationship to Soul
Natural Energy 4 Relationship to Self
Natural Energy 5 Mental Peace and Clarity
Natural Energy 6 Path and Direction
Natural Energy 7 Change and Possibility
Natural Energy 8 Body Wisdom
Natural Energy 9 Unification


Susan Fisher Identifying Natural Energy
May 25, 2016 – May 25, 2016 111 S Grand Ave, Suite 280 Map and Directions | Register Description: Come Find out Your Superpower – Your Natural Energy Wednesday Evenings, 7:30pm at Breathelight Yoga Studio, Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Bozeman Montana 9 Energies offers Free Natural Energy Identification Evenings on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:00pm. The evenings begin ... More
Susan working with NE3
June 1, 2016 – June 1, 2016 111 S Grand Ave, Suite 280 Map and Directions | Register Description: Come Find out Your Superpower – Your Natural Energy Wednesday Evenings, 7:30pm at Breathelight Yoga Studio, Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Bozeman Montana 9 Energies offers Free Natural Energy Identification Evenings on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:00pm. The evenings begin ... More
Susan working with NE3
We have recently been working on verbalizing the purpose and benefits of 9 Energies and have had an insight that is allowing a new understanding to crystalize. The experience of identification of your Natural Energy turns on your observer which allows you to see and then change your behavior. The activation of your observer comes from the postural change and ... More
Workshop Participants
June 25, 2016 111 S Grand Ave, Suite 280 Map and Directions | Register Description: Join the Bozeman 9 Energies community for a day of exploring more deeply how your Natural Energy informs your body. Learning about your Natural Energy in community with other who know their Natural Energy is the best way to learn what part of you is ... More
Peter Kristiansen NE3 Life Projekt
Every person has their own journey. Finding out your Natural Energy can be profound and life changing, or it can just be an interesting piece of information. The knowledge of the 9 Energies is for you, what you do with it is up to you. So we tell all stories, we show the skeptical, and the transformed. Because ultimately only ... More
Martin Fisher and Susan Fisher
June 6, 2016 – June 6, 2016 626 E Main St Map and Directions | Register Description: Susan and Martin Fisher, 9 Energies’ co-founders will  interactively present the 9 Natural Energies.  This event is designed for those new to 9 Energies and those who have already had their Natural Energy identified.  We will review the 9 Natural Energies, talk about ... More
Guillame Cizeron NE 1 & Gabriella Papdakis NE7
We were blown away by the abject vulnerability, beauty and magic of this performance by Gabriella Papadakis Natural Energy 7 and Guillaume Cizeron Natural Energy 1. We felt compelled to look to see what Natural Energy is most active for them. Their facial expression and movement are quite visible in much of what they do, although they have had a ... More
David Bowie - Natural Energy 7
We would like to honor David Bowie, Natural Energy 7.  If you look at images of David Bowie, almost every photo of him shows his facial expression of activation.  He so powerfully used his Natural Energy 7 in the way he lived his life, and created his music.  The quotes we see on the internet all reflect his commitment to ... More
Alan Rickman Natural Energy 5
With the passing of Sir Alan Rickman we want to honor his Natural Energy 5 gift to the world.  People who share Natural Energy 5 have a tremendous ability to bring empathy, intuition and a huge capacity for knowledge together to produce new understanding.  They are generous with their sharing of what they do understand and know.  They use this great capacity to assist ... More
Dave Christie, Natural Energy 2
Dave, Natural Energy 2 has been exploring what it means to live in the world of Natural Energy 2 since identifying his energy at Burning Man in 2013: Dave’s journey of exploration: While at Burning Man we met a couple, Martin & Susan Fisher, who founded and run 9 Energies.   We had no idea what the 9 Energies was but ... More
Mueth Ireland
If you choose to follow your own path of spiritual growth, there are 9 ingredients, which when practiced consciously and consistently, can assist you. They help get you ready for the real work of transformation.  If you are in your own way, you can unwittingly impede or stop your own progress, no matter how deep your commitment to change.  We have found that ... More
Mother loving her child
Choose love and happiness Love and Happiness are a choice––a perspective or a mantle that I can claim for myself. While we all have emotions and those emotional responses can exert control over our well-being, we also have the ability to choose a different path. I have made a personal commitment to choose love as often as I am able, ... More
Wise owl flying - take wise action
Take Wise Action: Once intentions are made clear then wise action is next. Unless I take intentional action toward my vision nothing will change. Movement creates the dynamic needed for the transformation to manifest. There are many possible pathways available to fulfill an intention, so how do we choose? Wise action means taking action with the most integrity, the least force, in the right timing, for the highest good of ... More
Yellowstone Geyser
Photo by Lucy Stange Clarify Your Intention We can affect our own reality through the power of our intentionality. Getting clear on our grandest purpose and setting intention for our highest good allows the universe to align and create what we are here to manifest.   In my experience, when I get my vision clear and state it directly, it manifests. ... More
Leap of Courage
Courage: What does courage have to do with presence? In some ways courage is at the center of all change. Courage is required for transformation. Courage is required for everything that we have been talking about in the series 9 Practices for Presence. The ability to witness yourself, without judgement, and challenge your beliefs, requires the courage to see where you ... More
Reflection of the world in an eye.
Hold your Beliefs Lightly At some level, our worldview is comprised of a set of beliefs derived from our experiences. Recognizing this can be incredibly freeing. In life we have experiences that lead us to believe certain things. If those beliefs become set in stone, and we place those stones into our spiritual backpack to carry around with us, our ... More
Bird on Hand
Practice non-attachment to outcome: If I am unwilling to release attachment, especially to outcomes, I can become so focused on my own self-will that I miss the opportunities being presented by the universe. Attachment to outcome makes me prone to using the force of my will to create the outcomes I desire. When I release outcome attachment the universe can ... More
No Judgment
Execute Non-judgment: Holding a perspective of non-judgment is another way to remain open to new information or a fresh perspective. By non-judgment I mean not placing ourselves, or what we know or believe, above or below anything or anyone else. For example, you meet a friend for lunch, she looks great.  You are feeling tired and draggy and showed up ... More
Follow your curiosity - landcover on mars
Develop Curiosity: Hold a Beginner’s Mind. If I start every interaction, every study or learning with the idea that I don’t have all the answers, I open up to being surprised and transformed by new information. Taking it a step further, if I can receive information without having to embed it in a context and category I’m familiar with––as in: ... More
Witness your self - become an observer of you.
Be your own Observer credit: http://bellatrix3391.deviantart.com Until you are able to face yourself, see where you are, and hear the truth in what others say about you, transformation can remain elusive. Developing the skill of self-observation, noticing your behaviors, choices and beliefs and how they function in your life enables you to recognize what you’re doing. This is a critical first ... More
Hyalite Mountains, Bozeman First snow, sept 2015
It became clear to us after attending the Lucidity Festival that we needed a way to nurture and grow 9 Energies more actively.  We needed to create a sustainable lifestyle that would allow us to put our full attention toward 9 Energies.  We realized that leaving California, despite the fact that we have a wonderful community of 9 Energies supporters, ... More
9 Energies Logo
Martin and I are co-authoring a forthcoming book “9 Energies – Let Your Body Change Your Life” We have put a stake in the ground and made a significant commitment to getting it done. We have registered the book and title. We are making progress on the Natural Energy Specific chapters. We have hired an editor and proof reader. And ... More
Lucidity Gratitude Day santa barbara
We are currently offering custom events for people who wish to know their Natural Energy. We are available for private identification events. If you would like to schedule or join a private event, please Contact Us for information. Events at our Office in Novato are still free of charge, by donation if you would like to make one. We are willing ... More
What Are you Looking For?
9 Energies Offers all Events and Programs Free of Charge
We believe that experiencing your Natural Energy is so important that we do not charge for identification to enable as many people as possible to have this experience. However our Research and Programs are not without expense, If you feel moved to donate to support 9 Energies, that is welcome and we thank you. 9Energies is a 501(c) (3) non-profit so your donations are tax-deductible.

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