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There are 9 physically different kinds of people. Each person is born with one of nine body types, that we call Natural Energy, which shape how our bodies develop and how we experience the world. Each Natural Energy has a specific facial structure, body shape, way of interacting with people, sensory experience, and a similar context of caring.

At 9 Energies we use a gentle, physical method to identify your Natural Energy, the body type that defines your physical reality. Once you know your Natural Energy we provide postural adjustments that strengthen your connection to this deepest part of yourself. Consciously activating your Natural Energy puts you on your path of purpose and allows you to examine and change those beliefs that no longer serve you, resulting in a happier more fulfilling life.


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  • Mandy Natural Energy 2Notice the ability to slide the ribcage sideways that is part of the body of Natural Energy 2. Mandey had the following to say about her experience having her Natural Energy Identified.

    "I had my energy read at Burning Man 2016! My boyfriend came back to the tent one day and told me that he had his energy read at a tent and that he was a Natural Energy 1 and he told me all about it. I was so amazed at how accurate it was that I was on a mission to find you.

    It took me a couple days, but I made it.  You did a series of tests and then danced with me and said I was a Natural Energy 2 and told me all about it! I loved it so much. It made sooooo much sense with how I was focused on relationships all my life and really putting so much into them- the good the bad the ugly about a Natural Energy 2 all resonated with me: I could be in a relationship with anyone because I can sense what they like and need. But some relationships might not be good for me and I need to honor the relationship I have with myself first and foremost.

    Martin told me all about Natural Energy 2 and that his daughter had Natural Energy 2 as well. Martin made sure to keep eye contact with me the whole time because he knows that satisfies me the most. I felt so known, seen, cared for when getting my explanation of a Natural Energy 2. It was beautiful. I use it to talk about my self all the time! To explain my ways of thinking and actions to friends and others.

    I often hear my boyfriend say- "We have the same values! I’m so glad you like to meditate! " And I do like to meditate but I think, no, I value connections and you value spirituality. I value my connection with my God, and I notice my boyfriend's subtle difference in views. I always do feel like I am looking and waiting for the perfect relationship and person to come around to know me, honor me and my needs perfectly. But now I do remember the importance of needing to ask for what I need and forgiving others/ not holding anyone accountable for not being as great at finding what I need as I am. It was incredibly helpful information to hear and its really helpful to reflect on it again right now!!"

    Mandey - Natural Energy 2

  • Thanks Susan and Martin,
    Your retyping and information tonight helped to validate my life. Sounds corny, but true. I have thought that spreading joy was my function here, but thanks for letting me understand that that's important and not just frivolous superficial cheer. That spreading joy is enough for me to do. I do feel strong and useful when I'm creating smiles.
    Thanks for helping to tie all the threads together, and for letting me learn something new to add to my understanding of this amazing world.

    Thea - Natural Energy 3

  • Jaclyn Schlindwein, Natural Energy 8

    I am a Natural Energy 8 on the 9 energies. Knowing helped me understand so much more about how I inhabit my body and experience life different from others. Love 9 Energies!

    Jaclyn - Natural Energy 8

  • Rachel Adair Dawson, Natural Energy 2

    "Hey Susan, wanting to share with you how much I'm connecting with my Natural Energy 2 these days. I'm seeing more and more of what a natural connector I am. It feels good to connect people and I find so much joy in doing that! Thanks for bringing that superpower to my awareness!!"

    Rachel, Natural Energy 2

  • Jacob Edwards, Natural Energy 1

    I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful reading. Learning about myself and my energy has always fascinated me. It's been a rough couple of weeks for me and looking into your eyes helped me heal in a way that I never thought possible. Thank you so much for your insight and love. I really want to do something meaningful and heartfelt in this world. And discovering about my energy was a great step for me. Thank you ❤ Jacob, NE1

  • Somehow 9 Energies Natural Energy Identification makes a space for your authentic self - and this makes you happier.

    MIL-O NE3

  • Susan I loved your book! It was well -written, concise, and informative. Hopefully I will carry its reminders with me as I go through my day. I love seeing how you've taken this important message to the world and I wish you so much success!

    Patricia, Natural Energy 2

  • I attended a class yesterday full of a group of like-minded folks and watched the speakers through my new way of knowing to hold my body and eyes… Felt quite powerful and opening! Thank you again my friend for this wonderful tool…❤️
    Pamela, Natural Energy 1

  • Good morning my friend! How fun to get your friend request as I was just thinking of you… I read your book on my way home. I was giving thought this morning to how knowing where my energy comes from and how to best open and focus with it was one of the greatest gifts and best information I received during my time in Phoenix! Bless your heart and the work you do❤️
    Pamela - Natural Energy 1

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Determining your Natural Energy is a physical experience where you meet hand-to-hand with a trained facilitator and your body responds in one of the nine postures of activation. The act of identification creates a conscious connection between the mind, body and soul. Once activated it is available to you through postural adjustment and attention to your center of activation. Identification begins a new journey, accelerating you on your purposeful path. We offer this in-person experience FREE of charge at events, festivals and workshops.

9 Energies