9 Energies: A Ground Breaking Discovery

We each have 9 Energy Centers in our body, one is born active - your Natural Energy. It is identified through a physical process using body posture, body structure and specific physical and energetic markers.
Postures of Activation

Why is this important?

Experiencing and bringing consciousness to using your Natural Energy creates wonderful and surprising experiences that help you find your own answers to life's questions, your way, on your time, no matter where you start from:

  • Relationships get better. Knowing and using your Natural Energy allows deeper, more sustained connection. You are able to be with people collaboratively, without judgment, to accept and appreciate yourself and others.
  • You understand yourself better. 9 Energies explains why and how you are physically different from everyone around you, your parents, your siblings and your loved ones. Your body uses the senses to perceive in unique and special ways, which makes your experience of life different. We almost never share Natural Energy with people in our immediate family.
  • Things get easier. The ego, developed to help us cope with life, begins to relax its hold, your being moves into partnership with your ego.
  • You see and experience more of  the world around you. Your innate skills related to your Natural Energy become gifts to others which help everyone move forward. Finding out your Natural Energy and developing a conscious practice to access it expands what you perceive.

Want to Identify Your Natural Energy?

Determining your Natural Energy is a physical process where you meet hand-to-hand with a trained facilitator and your body responds in one of the nine postures of activation.
Susan Fisher working with Natrual Energy 6 to Identify Natural Energy
We offer this in-person experience FREE of charge at events, festivals and workshops. Look for our Events

Once you Know Your Natural Energy, What's Next?

  • This website is full of resources for you, overviews of the 9 Energies and examples of where the 9 Energies show up in the world around us, what the facial expressions of activation and movement by Natural Energy looks like. Explore, comment, let us know what you want more of.
  • Learn how to master your tools and give your gift through personalized 9 Energies Coaching
  • Learn to use your posture to activate your energy at will
  • Develop your awareness of the other 9 Natural Energies - ultimately learning to activate those energy centers - look under the menu 9 Energies in Action
  • Learn to see the Natural Energies out in the world around you
Natural Energy 1 Relationship to Source
Natural Energy 2 Relationship to Others
Natural Energy 3 Relationship to Soul
Natural Energy 4 Relationship to Self
Natural Energy 5 Mental Peace and Clarity
Natural Energy 6 Path and Direction
Natural Energy 7 Change and Possibility
Natural Energy 8 Body Wisdom
Natural Energy 9 Unification


Yellowstone Geyser
Photo by Lucy Stange Clarify Your Intention We can affect our own reality through the power of our intentionality. Getting clear on our grandest purpose and setting intention for our highest good allows the universe to align and create what we are here to manifest.   In my experience, when I get my vision clear and state it directly, it manifests. ... More
Martin Fisher teaching at NEI Event
January 6, 2016 – January 6, 2016 111 S Grand Ave, Suite 280 Map and Directions | Register Description: Come Find out Your Superpower – Your Natural Energy Wednesday Evenings, 7:30pm at Breathelight Yoga Studio, Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Bozeman Montana 9 Energies offers Free Natural Energy Identification Evenings on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:00pm. The evenings begin ... More
Martin Fisher and Susan Fisher
January 8, 2016 – January 10, 2016 111 S Grand Ave, Suite 280 Map and Directions | Register Description: Identify and Build Your Ability to Use Superpower – Your Natural Energy Friday 1/8/16 – Sunday 1/10/16 Friday 7:30-9:30 Saturday 11:00-5:00 Sunday 10:00-4:00pm This three day workshop is designed to give you a powerful experience of your body, your Superpower and ... More
Susan Fisher Identifying Mary Miller NE7
November 18, 2015 – November 18, 2015 111 S Grand Ave, Suite 280 Map and Directions | Register Description: Come Find out Your Superpower – Your Natural Energy Wednesday Evenings, 7:30pm at Breathelight Yoga Studio, Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Bozeman Montana 9 Energies offers Free Natural Energy Identification Evenings on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:00pm. The evenings begin ... More
Leap of Courage
Courage: What does courage have to do with presence? In someways courage is at the center of all change. Courage is required for transformation. Courage is required for everything that we have been talking about in the series 9 Ingredients for Presence. The ability to witness yourself, without judgement, and challenge your beliefs, requires the courage to see where you are ... More
Reflection of the world in an eye.
Hold your Beliefs Lightly At some level, our worldview is comprised of a set of beliefs derived from our experiences. Recognizing this can be incredibly freeing. In life we have experiences that lead us to believe certain things. If those beliefs become set in stone, and we place those stones into our spiritual backpack to carry around with us, our ... More
Bird on Hand
Practice non-attachment to outcome: If I am unwilling to release attachment, especially to outcomes, I can become so focused on my own self-will that I miss the opportunities being presented by the universe. Attachment to outcome makes me prone to using the force of my will to create the outcomes I desire. When I release outcome attachment the universe can ... More
No Judgment
Execute Non-judgment: Holding a perspective of non-judgment is another way to remain open to new information or a fresh perspective. By non-judgment I mean not placing ourselves, or what we know or believe, above or below anything or anyone else. For example, you meet a friend for lunch, she looks great.  You are feeling tired and draggy and showed up ... More
Follow your curiosity - landcover on mars
Develop Curiosity: Hold a Beginner’s Mind. If I start every interaction, every study or learning with the idea that I don’t have all the answers, I open up to being surprised and transformed by new information. Taking it a step further, if I can receive information without having to embed it in a context and category I’m familiar with––as in: ... More
Witness your self - become an observer of you.
Be your own Witness credit: http://bellatrix3391.deviantart.comUntil you are able to face yourself, see where you are, and hear the truth in what others say about you, transformation can remain elusive. Developing the skill of self-observation, noticing your behaviors, choices and beliefs and how they function in your life enables you to recognize what you’re doing. This is a critical first ... More
Mueth Ireland
If you choose to follow your own path of spiritual growth, there are 9 ingredients, which when practiced consciously and consistently, can assist you. They help get you ready for the real work of transformation.  If you are in your own way, you can unwittingly impede or stop your own progress, no matter how deep your commitment to change.  We have found that ... More
Hyalite Mountains, Bozeman First snow, sept 2015
It became clear to us after attending the Lucidity Festival that we needed a way to nurture and grow 9 Energies more actively.  We needed to create a sustainable lifestyle that would allow us to put our full attention toward 9 Energies.  We realized that leaving California, despite the fact that we have a wonderful community of 9 Energies supporters, ... More
JImmy Fallon and Will smith Beatboxing
This video of Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith is an awesome example of Natural Energy 6 in action.  Both share Natural Energy 6.  The process of creating the beatbox video is a great illustration of how they each tune into the energy.  Notice they do not make eye contact when they each are creating their sound track.  But each time ... More
Lighthouse & Mosaic Port Elizabeth South Africa
Being in a country on the other side of the world from where we live was curious and somewhat confusing. Martin and I spent a couple weeks in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  It was not your typical tourist visit as Martin was working in a battery manufacturing factory.  I joined him in this industrial port city on the southern coast of ... More
Natural Energy 9 Boy on Youtube singing
This video of a young 4 year old boy with Natural Energy 9 is quite incredible. Feel the pace of his breath with his singing, watch as he opens himself into his posture of activation with his arms wide open. This opens his chest and activates his back allowing him to sing with all the power in his small frame. ... More
seth preview final
Seth Francis is an NE 1 musician who discovered his Natural Energy during the Summer of 2014. Seth started playing the drums when he was 9 years old. He then moved on to piano when he entered middle school. Now his focus is producing electronic music and DJing. He’s currently studying Computer Science and Electronic Music at University of California ... More
Dylan Hayes ne4 teeshirt
Listen to a group of people who share Natural Energy 4 talk about their reality. Experience the pace, language, and purpose expressed by all who share Natural Energy 4. They share physical markers like facial expression of activation, lower-body energy that includes a tendency to hold the lower abdomen forward. They share a deep connection to the timeless and infinite ... More
Kelly Clarkson NE8
Here is another powerful Natural Energy 8 singer. Enjoy Kelly Clarkson as she sings the history of Duets with Jimmy Fallon (NE6). If you watch her movement and compare it with recently featured Celina you will see how both of them move downward, and lead their movement from the lower back.  Both sing with a power and cadence that is similar. ... More
Natural Energy 9 Conference Call
Listen to our Natural Energy 9 call from our January 2015 Series. This call is led by Natural Energy 9 Brianna Metting and has a nice range of people who share Natural Energy 9. Listening to this call will give you insight into Natural Energy 9, how they operate in the world, the pace at which they function, what they ... More
Serenity Gathering 2015 Lineup Poster
Thursday March 19, 2015 – Sunday March 22, 2015 22000 Highway 76 Map and Directions | Register Description: 9 Energies is excited to announce we will have a camp open 10:00am-5:00pm for 3 days at Serenity Gathering in Pauma Valley, CA As always idnetifying your Natural Energy at Serenity Gathering is our gift to you. Come find our your Natural ... More
Jack Sabido - Ne 7
Jack Sabido is the newest member of the 9 Energies staff. He discovered his Natural Energy during the Fall of 2014. Like many other Natural Energy 7s, he is a multitalented artist and performer. Jack has experience as an actor, writer, singer/songwriter, and visual artist. In 2014, Jack released two albums with his friend Noah Watson – Viking Land and ... More
Natural energy 7 Conference Call Jan 7, 2015
Enjoy this call lead by Penni Blythe, Natural Energy 7. Penni does a beautiful job creating a powerful Natural Energy 7 container. This call is a great example of what it is like to live in the world of NE7. Thank you to all you NE7’s who participated to make this a magical experience. As you listen to the call, ... More
Crhis Soules Natural Energy 1
Chris Soules NE1, Carly Waddell NE2, Whitney Bischoff NE3, Kaitlyn Bristowe NE7 This seasons 2015 The Bachelor, Chirs Soules, continually models Natural Energy 1. He is completely honoring of all the women on the show. He treats each one with great respect, even when he is unhappy or asking a person to leave the show he finds a way to honor ... More
9 Energies will be at Lucidity Festival.   We can be found in the Healing Sanctuary this year. Please join us to identify your Superpower, or learn more about how to access your Superpower at will through your body. We are really looking forward to being part of this amazing community committed to unity, transformation and creating a new reality ... More
9 Energies Logo
Martin and I are co-authoring a forthcoming book “9 Energies – Let Your Body Change Your Life” We have put a stake in the ground and made a significant commitment to getting it done. We have registered the book and title. We are making progress on the Natural Energy Specific chapters. We have hired an editor and proof reader. And ... More
Lucidity Gratitude Day santa barbara
We are currently offering custom events for people who wish to know their Natural Energy. We are available for private identification events. If you would like to schedule or join a private event, please Contact Us for information. Events at our Office in Novato are still free of charge, by donation if you would like to make one. We are willing ... More
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9 Energies Offers all Events and Programs Free of Charge
We believe that experiencing your Natural Energy is so important that we do not charge for identification to enable as many peoples possible to have this experience. However our Research and Programs are not without expense, If you feel moved to donate to support 9 Energies, that is welcome and we thank you. 9Energies is a 501(c) (3) non-profit so your donations are tax-deductible.

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