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Be heard, understood, honored and impactful. Find out how your Body is equipped to lead you forward to your best self and most empowered Life.


The Time is Now for you to Embrace Who You Are

Using Your Power Is More Important Than Ever!

Empowering  You: Ever wonder why no one seems to understand you? Do you wish more people would listen to you? Does it feel like you are not having the impact in your life that you know deep inside is possible?  There is so much change afoot in the world - do you want to take the lead in affecting that change or just be an innocent bystander?

Empowering Your Relationships: Do you puzzle at other people's behavior? Are you seeking deeper commitment and connection? Would you like to have better, more connected, more authentic and real relationships?  We are missing a context for our inter-relationships that once understood will dramatically change how you see and be with the people in the world around you.


At 9 Energies We Care About You:

Being Your Best

Feeling Empowered in Your Body

Being Appreciated and Understood.

There are 9 physiologically different kinds of people. Each of us is born with one of nine body types, that we call Natural Energy. We have a simple physical process to determine which physiology is yours. Your Natural Energy shapes how your body develops, how you experience the world and your innate skills and gifts. Each physiology has a specific facial structure, body shape, way of interacting with people, sensory experience, and a similar context of caring. We have researched this observation for the last 17 years, worked with over 7,000 people from around the world. Everyone has a Natural Energy - a way of being that comes with the body we are living in.

People who have been Identified, explored what this means for themselves, gone on to learn to understand and activate all 9 Natural Energies in themselves have reached a new place of understanding, power, authenticity and presence.  If you are seeking a way to bring that powerful part of yourself forward and active - sign up now!

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Once you Have been Identified - Experience the 9 Energies Activation System:

Explore Your Body Wisdom
Activate Your Natural Energies

Knowing your Natural Energy and understanding how to activate it at will in your body, along with the other eight, creates a connection to yourself and to others that is profound and life-changing.  If you are seeking deeper more fulfilling relationships - this ability to use all the perceptive aspects of your body is critical to understanding people, building your community and having the full impact you were designed to have.  If you care deeply about making a difference with your life - these experiences offer a doorway and a path toward a fulfilled and happy life.

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  • Rebecca Sager Natural Energy 3

    "Great to have met you! Thank you for my energy reading it was very cool:) I love the topic. I love the information you guys are giving. I am happy the world and society is starting to be more open to discussions that are not the norm.

    I love energy knowledge and is the core of my belief. Cool to see others find it and I love that you help those who are open to it."

    R. Sager Natural Energy 3

  • Identifying Natural Energy 4

    I purchased your book from the Country Bookshelf last week and really enjoyed it! Well done. You are a natural writer. As a Natural Energy 4 you can imagine how many people, books and personal growth workshops I have experienced. I am impressed with your work. It is refreshing, insightful and real. The book is such a valuable second step after a person has had their Natural Energy identified. It creates clarity for the bigger picture of the 9 Energies information. The practices are simple yet profound exercises that enable a person to transform into a more whole human. Thanks again.

    Becki Cook, Natural Energy 4

  • I want to thank you for setting me on a path that has led to a more fulfilling and less stressful life. You and Martin broke my self-imposed log jam and got me moving toward what is really important to me.

    Jeff, Natural Energy 4

  • Sue Miller Natural energy 5
    I did enjoy the workshop! I am FASCINATED and INTRIGUED by your work and the solid power of the energy when activated. I also enjoy the curiosity that is generated and especially the safety and security of the container you create in your interactions. I was sorry I wasn’t able to stay with the group until the end last Saturday. Note to self: make my day flexible so I can stay later!

    Sue Miller - Natural Energy 5

  • Carrie - Natural energy 3Wow!  It was also very timely that you read my energy last year. I love it and it feels so right and effortless for me to have enabled deep connections amongst my family, just in time for me to really use it to it full potential with the passing of my father. Thanks so much for your comment on my post about my fathers death and how a Natural Energy 3 might deal with it. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me the past few days. Having permission to smile at this time is liberating and definitely plays to my strength. I’ve spent the last year anticipating his death, it wasn’t unexpected at all, not for me. During this time I’ve been able to help my mum and brother to connect with him, which they wouldn’t have done without my magical power, which I believe is all part of my Natural Energy 3. You’ve helped me a lot by identifying my super power! I just wanted to say thank you. Lots of love and joy!

    Carrie Natural Energy 3

  • Thanks Susan and Martin,
    Your retyping and information tonight helped to validate my life. Sounds corny, but true. I have thought that spreading joy was my function here, but thanks for letting me understand that that's important and not just frivolous superficial cheer. That spreading joy is enough for me to do. I do feel strong and useful when I'm creating smiles.
    Thanks for helping to tie all the threads together, and for letting me learn something new to add to my understanding of this amazing world.

    Thea - Natural Energy 3

  • Jaclyn Schlindwein, Natural Energy 8

    I am a Natural Energy 8 on the 9 energies. Knowing helped me understand so much more about how I inhabit my body and experience life different from others. Love 9 Energies!

    Jaclyn - Natural Energy 8

  • Rachel Adair Dawson, Natural Energy 2

    "Hey Susan, wanting to share with you how much I'm connecting with my Natural Energy 2 these days. I'm seeing more and more of what a natural connector I am. It feels good to connect people and I find so much joy in doing that! Thanks for bringing that superpower to my awareness!!"

    Rachel, Natural Energy 2

  • Jacob Edwards, Natural Energy 1

    I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful reading. Learning about myself and my energy has always fascinated me. It's been a rough couple of weeks for me and looking into your eyes helped me heal in a way that I never thought possible. Thank you so much for your insight and love. I really want to do something meaningful and heartfelt in this world. And discovering about my energy was a great step for me. Thank you ❤ Jacob, NE1




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