9 Energies

Each of us has 9 Energy Centers in our bodies, one is born active – our Natural Energy or Superpower.

Your Natural Energy provides physical access to your spiritual nature.

The physiological evidence is compelling.

This powerful knowledge is a key to finding your unique purpose and offering your magical gifts.

The magic of experiencing, understanding, and bringing consciousness to the use of your Superpower creates on-going healing and transformational experience that enables you to find answers to the questions of life:

  • Your innate skills and tools related to your Natural Energy turn into gifts you give to others to help everyone move forward on their transformational path.
  • The ego, developed to help us cope with life, begins to relax its hold, the soul gently moves into partnership with your ego, your life’s purpose begins to emerge from your body, mind and soul connection.
  • The ability to see others as a gift rather than as an irritation transforms relationships, allowing deeper and more sustained connection.  You begin to be able to be with people collaboratively without judgment, to accept yourself, your personal magic and the incredible beauty and gift of others.
  • 9 Energies explains why you feel and actually are different from everyone around you, your parents, your siblings and your loved ones.
  • Relationships become more fun, more fulfilling and a place for shared growth and intimacy.
  • Finding out your Natural Energy and developing a conscious practice allows you to begin to see the world around you for what it is, societal controls begin to lose their hold and influence.

Knowing your Natural Energy and developing your gifts consciously frees you to be yourself, to love others, and to be part of the transformational process.

Want to identify your Natural Energy?

Determining your Active Energy is a physical process where you meet hand-to-hand with a trained facilitator and your body responds in one of the nine postures of activation.  Learn more here or look for our Events

Once you know your Natural Energy, How do you find your answers?

Any and all are invited to participate and contribute their gifts to the development and distribution of this knowledge and experience. There is no required fee to identify your Natural Energy.  We offer personalized coaching for people who wish to dig more deeply into the 9 Energies.


Kris Risely Natural Energy 2
Our good friend Kris Risely who has known her Natural Energy 2 for over 10 years actively works on her awareness of and access to her Superpower. She is also a fabulous teacher of all kinds of wisdom. Kris made the following comments after listening to the Natural Energy 2 conference call form October 28, 2014. If you share Natural ... More
Thich Nhat Hanh AE 5 Facial Expression of Activation
, teaches about the Superpower of Active Energy 5.  He talks about five powers: faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, and insight. I updated this post today as Thich Nhat Hanh is passing. He wrote this about death – such magical Natural Energy 5 wisdom helping us understand the timeless and infinite nature of our being. Blessing ... More
Marin MT tam Sunset
Natural Energy 1 helps us to see the beauty in ourselves, the world around us, in everything.  When a person of Natural Energy 1 makes a connection there is a deep sense of knowing everything is alright at a very fundamental level.  On this call Natural Energy 1s share their experience of what it means to live in connection with source ... More
dog and fawn in relationship
For Natural Energy 2 everything is always considered within relationship, either with another or in relationship to something else.  They have a tremendous ability to consider all perspectives and to be aware of the impact of their words and actions.  They experience their reality through relationship with others, knowing who they are themselves outside of connection can be a challenge.  Hear ... More
Natural Energy 3 on a pyramid
Photo credit:Pauline Fabry Melanie Lotos This is a recording of the Natural Energy 3 Conference Call held October 15, 2014.  Listen to this call with curiosity and an open mind.  Do your best not to try to “relate” or understand. Take in the energy of the call, the sound of their voices, the cadence of their speech.  Notice patterns in the ... More
This is a recording of the Natural Energy 4 Conference Call held October 16, 2014.  Listen to this call with curiosity and an open mind.  If you do not share Natural Energy 4, do your best not to try to “relate” or understand or “make sense” of their experience through your lens. Take in the energy of the call, the sound ... More
Natural Energy 5 teaches us about learning from our experiences, trusting our intuitive senses, understanding our place in the universe in the moment. They consider everything very carefully and can be very articulate and precise in their communication. They help the rest of us make sense of what we know, where we are and what it will take to get ... More
Natural Energy 6 Feels the Majesty of Energy
The world of Natural Energy 6 is fully vibrant and alive, ALL THE TIME. When people of Natural Energy 6 learn to expand their chest and hold it expanded it increases their ability to process the energy and find the most alive truth contained in the energy. They are able to tap the wisdom contained in the universal field of ... More
Alex Grey NE 7 Theologue
Listen to the Natural Energy 7 call. Experience 7 creativity, fun, vulnerability and possibility. You can learn much more about Natural Energy 7 by looking at all the creative ways that Natural Energy leads us through change toward possibility. Also check out our most recent post on Alex Grey a Natural Energy 7 artist in action.... More
Natural energy 8 Conference Call water and cloud image
Natural Energy 8 teaches us about safety, integrity and manifestation. Listen to people of Natural Energy 8 talk about what integrity, and what listening to the body means to them. This recording is from the 9 Energies Natural Energy Specific Conference Call Series October, 2014, moderated by Susan Fisher.... More
Foggy Sunrise Novato
Listen to this Conference call to experience a group of people who share Natural Energy 9 talk about their reality and explore the commonalities and differences. This was the first call in an on-going series of calls designed to provide a forum for people to be with like Natural Energies. These calls are designed to help with the process of ... More
Alex Grey Collective Vision
Grey, Natural Energy 7, talks about how his vision can spark change and awareness in the world through his art. You will hear him talk about what vision means to him, this is a beautiful example of Natural Energy expressing their truth in the world. When he is speaking you will see him close his eyes and bring his focus ... More
Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am on the tonight show
This is another incredible example of Natural Energy 6 at work in the world. Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am show us the intense fun of moving from their Natural Energy 6 center. You see tons of examples of chest popping, arms gesturing from the center of the sternum. The speed with which they rap, the ease they have in matching eash ... More
Campbell Scott Natural energy 1
We recently got interested in the television show “Royal Pains”  I was intrigued by the characters played by Mark Feuerstein and Campbell Scott, Dr. Hank and Boris.  There was something intriguing and sweet in their interaction with each other and the other characters.  I studied both men, researched their facial expression of activation and determined that based on their movement, ... More
Joan Rivers Natural Energy 6
We recently lost two powerful examples of Natural Energy 6, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. In their comedy you see a brashness, a willingness to tell the truth, and a commitment to showing people the incredible aliveness of the world around them. This is a magical strength of Natural Energy 6 when the Natural Energy is Active. Watch Joan Rivers in ... More
Jim Carrey, Natural Energy 7
Jim Carrey, Natural Energy 7, Says it so eloquently in this video – Choose love, choose to live from the light that comes through you, ask the Universe for what you dream and live in love. Knowing your Natural Energy allows you to tap into love: Post by Karim Metwaly.... More
Ali Evans NE8 + Eli Wolf NE9
Ali Evans (NE 8) and Eli Wolf (NE 9) have been dating since October 2013. Eli was typed in February 2014 and Ali was typed 3 months later in May. As a couple, they have practiced activating and posture extensively. In this interview they discuss how knowing their Natural Energies has impacted their relationship and give advice on how one ... More
Ali Evans Natural Energy 8
Ali Evans was typed as a Natural Energy 8 in May 2014. In the four months since her typing, she has learned many new things about herself and Natural Energy 8. It has made her stronger in her work and in her social life. Click here to listen to the full interview, or click on the question below to hear ... More
9 Energies Logo
9 Energies is offering 3 opportunities on Bainbridge Island, near Seatle, Washington to identify your Natural Energy.  Each two hour session is open for up to 8 new people.  Returning participants who already know their Natural Energy are welcome to participate, space allowing.  Each session will include an overview of 9 Energies.  Susan Fisher will then work with participants to identify ... More
Larisa King Natural Energy 1
Larisa King, Natural Energy 1 was kind enough to tell us about her experience and the impact of Natural Energy 1. Here she vulnerably shares her experiences and insights about how knowing her Natural Energy has made a difference for her. The stories from the Natural Energies are meant to give you an insight into the world they inhabit. If ... More
So You Think You can Dance Season 11 top 8
Want to know the Natural Energies of the So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Stars? We have been watching this Season of So you Think You Can Dance. When there is so much beautiful performance and movement to see the Natural Energy can become more visible. We have been able to identify, as best we can when using ... More
Tanisha Belnap, Natural Energy 2
Tanisha Belnap and Zack Everhart are both amazing dancers that move with amazing quickness and ease.  They both create a strong connection with their partners in every dance.  They make it look so easy that no one ever comments on how perfect the energy is between them and their partner.  They always match the energy of their partner and the ... More
Jessika Richens Natural Energy 6
Jessika Richens and Rudy Abreu share Natural Energy 6. They move from the center of the sternum. Natural Energy 6 enables them to express the present energy, in the music in the world around them, in the audience, in everything through their movement. They are both complimented on their expressiveness, power and control and aliveness. Nigel says to Rudy in ... More
Ricky Ubeda, Natural Energy 1
Natural Energy 1: Jacque Le Warne and Ricky Ubeda Both Jacque and Ricky lead their movement with the top of the throat. They are both very honoring of others in their presence and energy. They both create total beauty in their dance, and sense of magic with an ethereal component. Here are examples of their facial expression of Activation and ... More
Casey Asken NE3 and Jessika Richens NE6
The relationship of Natural Energy 3 and 6 Natural Energy 3 inspires Natural Energy 6 into their most heart filled and alive place. There is a sweetness in the connection that is palpably translated through to others. Seeing a 3 and a 6 in support of each other is inspiring and motivating. Casey Askew has Natural Energy 3. A smile ... More
Jacquei Le Warne NE 1and Zack everhart ne2 dancing
What do Natural Energy 1 and 2 create together: This is a beautiful piece where Zack creates this magical engagement with Jacquie and she honors him and shares her beauty. When they talk about how dance can create an experience, this piece is a great example. Watch Jacque’s movement from the top of her throat. Zack leads with his solar ... More
Joni Russell Natural Energy 6
Joni Russell found out her Natural Energy in 2006.  She has found it to be incredibly impactful in her life, inviting her to follow her life’s purpose and pursue her interest in art and creation. In this audio interview Joni shares the impact of knowing her Natural Energy and the support it has given her to follow her own path. Here ... More
Eli Wolf Natural Energy 9
Eli Wolf was typed as Natural Energy 9 on February 12, 2014. Ever since, he has worked on activating and posture daily. It has made a considerable difference in his demeanor and presence and the impact he is having on the world around him. He is also more relaxed and things are more fluid. Click here to listen to the full ... More
Lorraine Pursell NE9
My dear friend Lorraine Pursell, Natural Energy 9, is starting a video series on Self-Love. Her Natural Energy 9 wisdom on this subject is inviting and real.Natural Energy 9 is about knowing that we are all inter-connected, part of one massive life-force that flows like a tide.  When we use force on anyone, especially ourselves, it ripples out into the world. ... More
Tara Danielson Natural Energy 3
We met Tara at the Sacramento Valley Spark Picnic where we worked with over 22 people. Once again, we got an inspiring and inspired response from Tara, Natural Energy 3. As people start to realize the power and simplicity of the Natural Energy it frees them to be themselves. Here Tara talks about the immediate impact of finding out she ... More
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