9 Energies

Each of us has 9 Energy Centers in our bodies, one is born active – our Natural Energy or Superpower.

Your Natural Energy provides physical access to your spiritual nature.

The physiological evidence is compelling.

This powerful knowledge is a key to finding your unique purpose and offering your magical gifts.

The magic of experiencing, understanding, and bringing consciousness to the use of your Superpower creates on-going healing and transformational experience that enables you to find answers to the questions of life:

  • Your innate skills and tools related to your Natural Energy turn into gifts you give to others to help everyone move forward on their transformational path.
  • The ego, developed to help us cope with life, begins to relax its hold, the soul gently moves into partnership with your ego, your life’s purpose begins to emerge from your body, mind and soul connection.
  • The ability to see others as a gift rather than as an irritation transforms relationships, allowing deeper and more sustained connection.  You begin to be able to be with people collaboratively without judgment, to accept yourself, your personal magic and the incredible beauty and gift of others.
  • 9 Energies explains why you feel and actually are different from everyone around you, your parents, your siblings and your loved ones.
  • Relationships become more fun, more fulfilling and a place for shared growth and intimacy.
  • Finding out your Natural Energy and developing a conscious practice allows you to begin to see the world around you for what it is, societal controls begin to lose their hold and influence.

Knowing your Natural Energy and developing your gifts consciously frees you to be yourself, to love others, and to be part of the transformational process.

Want to identify your Natural Energy?

Determining your Natural Energy is a physical process where you meet hand-to-hand with a trained facilitator and your body responds in one of the nine postures of activation.  Learn more here or look for our Events

Once you know your Natural Energy, How do you find your answers?

Any and all are invited to participate and contribute their gifts to the development and distribution of this knowledge and experience. There is no required fee to identify your Natural Energy.  We offer personalized coaching for people who wish to dig more deeply into the 9 Energies.


Home Nguyen AE 5
A magical, mystical, wise friend of ours gave this lovely TedEx talk on Mindfulness.  Home’s has a highly Active Energy 5.  He also has an active practice of Mindfulness.  Mindfulness practice assists us with calming our mind so that we can make sense of where we are in the present moment. The practice helps us to activate our own access ... More
Katie Natural Energy 3
Katie Cameron wrote the following as how she as a Natural Energy 3 experiences the other Natural Energies. It is very interesting to hear another Natural Energy’s perspective on our reality, and we can learn something from other’s perspectives. Enjoy Katie’s view of the 9 Energies: “AS I SEE THEM IN MY OWN UNIQUE KATIE/ NE3-NESS WAY (+not super spiritual ... More
Meaghan Trainor - Natural Energy 6
Enjoy Meaghan Trainor as she speaks the truth to young girls in her video “All About That Base” She helps us to feel the alive fun through her singing and dancing, making telling the truth a message everyone can hear. Watch her chest movement, chest popping, shoulder shimmy, all signature Natural Energy 6 moves. She communicates what she is singing ... More
Penni Blythe Natural Energy 7
Penni has known of her Natural Energy 7 for over 15 years. She has actively nurtured her understanding of her Superpower, what it means and how to use it. Penni listened to the Natural Energy 7 call and these were her comments and insights. Penni will be leading our next call January 7th, 2015 at 9am. Her comments make more ... More
Carole King - Natural Energy 4
Natural Energy 4 goes inside to get in touch with the passion of being alive. Natural Energy 4 runs at a slower, deeper, more intimate pace, even when the beat is fast, singers of Natural Energy 4 generally have a slower, more centered pace. You will see them go inside, they will close their eyes, drop their head gently, and ... More
Nelson Mandela -Natural Energy 9
Natural Energy 9 knows how to unite a community. They know in their bodies that despite our many differences, cultural, physical, experiential, we are all one, all connected and everything that we do affects everyone else. Some our greatest leaders for peace and change and unity shared Natural Energy 9. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. are among the most ... More
Ally Gomez Natural Energy 7 with Susan and Martin FIsher
The traveling mind gets the chance to settle. The heart has the opportunity to open and hear itself speak. When the eyes don’t have a chance to focus, they are able to rest. When the eyes are able to rest, the physical world disappears and the third eye is able to open, see the world and place itself in the ... More
Katie Natural Energy 3
I first learned of my energy before 9 Energies existed. I was typed as a Natural Energy 3 and was told a couple sentences about what that meant. I wasn’t quite sure about anyone else’s energy at the time, we never discussed it, which left me to ponder my own superpower in a sort of… controlled environment, without me wondering ... More
Emma Stone Natural Energy 2
These videos are certainly watchable for their entertainment value, but it is also an incredible example of the movement and energy created by Active Energy 6 and 2.  You can see Jimmy Fallon pop his chest, all his movement is centered around the chest, his intensity and aliveness is communicated through the movement.  Very cool.  This is just fun, cool, ... More
Peter Hollens Natural Energy 1
Peter Hollens is a beautiful example of Natural Energy 1. In the following series of videos you can see his gentle swaying as his throat leads his movement. He opens his throat, and his eyebrows raise up and back, his gaze is soft and receptive. His eyes are particularly striking example of what Natural Energy 1 eyes look like in ... More
Eric Bingham Natural Energy 1
Eric Bingham: “Thank you for reaching out and sharing this wonderful gift with me. I think of you from time to time and when I do I remember to assume the posture. I need to remember to tap in on a regular basis. I do believe that it works and if done consistently I know that my whole experience will ... More
Abraham and Wayne Dyer
In this video Esther Hicks, channelling Abraham, chatting with Wayne Dyer (Natural Energy 8), Abraham talks about choosing to develop a practice of functioning on a “higher-disk”, a higher frequency.   Our emotional responses are real, but they come from deep seated beliefs or past experiences. For example, we get offended if someone calls us fat. Underlying the feeling of ... More
Mariya Nesterov Natrual Energy 4
Our friend Mariya, Natural Energy 4 said this about the Natural Energy 4 Conference Call: “Thank you, AE4s and Susan, for taking your time to engage in and facilitate this conversation. I am so sorry to have missed this call. I cannot imagine what the experience must have been like during the call if from the first moments of the ... More
Lalita Karst Natural Energy 3
Only Natural Energy 3 has a smile that is part of the Facial Expression of Activation. Natural Energy 3’s Skill is to focus so deeply on another person that they can see around the layers of the persona, straight to the soul. When this happens both people involved in the interaction feel the joy created in soul-to-soul contact – the ... More
Elizabeth Gilbert Natural Energy 6
Elizabeth Gilbert talks a great deal about her reality in this interview. So much of what she talks about is the inherent wisdom and struggles of Natural Energy 6.  She talks about our ability to tap our spiritual nature and the importance of finding your path.  She shares a lot of insight and truth about her creative and spiritual experience ... More
Natural Energy 9 in movement
This gentleman shows us what the fluidity and ease of Natural Energy 9 in movement looks like. At the start of the video, watch the grace and smoothness of his movement, then as he increases the complexity of his moves throughout, you see him open the top front of his chest, bringing his shoulder blades together. He make what he ... More
Dalai Lama on Happiness
The Dalai Lama, Natural Energy 5, teaches the wisdom of compassion, having a good heart, being in the moment, all practices that contribute to our personal happiness. Here is a sweet article by DOUGLAS PRESTON on an experience with the Dalai Lama. And for those who don’t want to wait for the punch line here is the last few paragraphs: ... More
Kris Risely Natural Energy 2
Our good friend Kris Risely who has known her Natural Energy 2 for over 10 years actively works on her awareness of and access to her Superpower. She is also a fabulous teacher of all kinds of wisdom. Kris made the following comments after listening to the Natural Energy 2 conference call form October 28, 2014. If you share Natural ... More
Thich Nhat Hanh AE 5 Facial Expression of Activation
Budhist Thich Nhat Hanh, Natural Energy 5, teaches about the Superpower of Active Energy 5.  He talks about five powers: faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, and insight. I updated this post today as Thich Nhat Hanh is passing. He wrote this about death – such magical Natural Energy 5 wisdom helping us understand the timeless and infinite nature of our being. ... More
Marin MT tam Sunset
Natural Energy 1 helps us to see the beauty in ourselves, the world around us, in everything.  When a person of Natural Energy 1 makes a connection there is a deep sense of knowing everything is alright at a very fundamental level.  On this call Natural Energy 1s share their experience of what it means to live in connection with source ... More
dog and fawn in relationship
For Natural Energy 2 everything is always considered within relationship, either with another or in relationship to something else.  They have a tremendous ability to consider all perspectives and to be aware of the impact of their words and actions.  They experience their reality through relationship with others, knowing who they are themselves outside of connection can be a challenge.  Hear ... More
Natural Energy 3 on a pyramid
Photo credit:Pauline Fabry Melanie Lotos This is a recording of the Natural Energy 3 Conference Call held October 15, 2014.  Listen to this call with curiosity and an open mind.  Do your best not to try to “relate” or understand. Take in the energy of the call, the sound of their voices, the cadence of their speech.  Notice patterns in the ... More
This is a recording of the Natural Energy 4 Conference Call held October 16, 2014.  Listen to this call with curiosity and an open mind.  If you do not share Natural Energy 4, do your best not to try to “relate” or understand or “make sense” of their experience through your lens. Take in the energy of the call, the sound ... More
Natural Energy 5 teaches us about learning from our experiences, trusting our intuitive senses, understanding our place in the universe in the moment. They consider everything very carefully and can be very articulate and precise in their communication. They help the rest of us make sense of what we know, where we are and what it will take to get ... More
Natural Energy 6 Feels the Majesty of Energy
The world of Natural Energy 6 is fully vibrant and alive, ALL THE TIME. When people of Natural Energy 6 learn to expand their chest and hold it expanded it increases their ability to process the energy and find the most alive truth contained in the energy. They are able to tap the wisdom contained in the universal field of ... More
Alex Grey NE 7 Theologue
Listen to the Natural Energy 7 call. Experience 7 creativity, fun, vulnerability and possibility. You can learn much more about Natural Energy 7 by looking at all the creative ways that Natural Energy leads us through change toward possibility. Also check out our most recent post on Alex Grey a Natural Energy 7 artist in action.... More
Natural energy 8 Conference Call water and cloud image
Natural Energy 8 teaches us about safety, integrity and manifestation. Listen to people of Natural Energy 8 talk about what integrity, and what listening to the body means to them. This recording is from the 9 Energies Natural Energy Specific Conference Call Series October, 2014, moderated by Susan Fisher.... More
Foggy Sunrise Novato
Listen to this Conference call to experience a group of people who share Natural Energy 9 talk about their reality and explore the commonalities and differences. This was the first call in an on-going series of calls designed to provide a forum for people to be with like Natural Energies. These calls are designed to help with the process of ... More
Alex Grey Collective Vision
Grey, Natural Energy 7, talks about how his vision can spark change and awareness in the world through his art. You will hear him talk about what vision means to him, this is a beautiful example of Natural Energy expressing their truth in the world. When he is speaking you will see him close his eyes and bring his focus ... More
Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am on the tonight show
This is another incredible example of Natural Energy 6 at work in the world. Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am show us the intense fun of moving from their Natural Energy 6 center. You see tons of examples of chest popping, arms gesturing from the center of the sternum. The speed with which they rap, the ease they have in matching eash ... More
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